Georgia Online Sports Betting

Georgia Online Sports Betting has now passed their legalization process and is now available to the state’s inhabitats. Gamblingjoker is your guide to everything regarding Georgia Online Sports Betting

    Sports betting in Georgia

    Georgia is one of the strictest states when it comes to regulations of gambling in all its forms. Land-based casinos are currently illegal but a proposal regarding the launch of 2 land-based casinos has been submitted with no success. Retail sports betting has so far been prohibited, but in 2021 the state government has taken up the legislation, to prevent the state’s residents from turning to offshore online sportsbooks. In February the bill was passed and online sports betting is now legal in the state of Georgia.

    We will guide you to online sports betting in Georgia

    Our goal at Gamblingjoker will be to act as a guide to online sports betting and Georgia online casino. This is so that sports betting and gambling enthusiasts in the state can find the most important information gathered on one page. In addition to information, we will also offer guides to the best bonuses, mobile sports betting, and the very best sportsbooks in Georgia.

    List of the best online sports betting sites in Georgia

    In the list below we rank the best-reviewed online sports betting sites in Georgia to date. We rank these pages by gaming experience, best bonuses, size of sportsbook, and much more.

    Online sports betting in Georgia 2024

    Online sports betting has had a huge impact in Georgia in recent times. A bill regarding online sports betting and mobile sports betting was approved and passed in February 2021. And online sports betting will now be available to the peach state’s residents.

    Georgia sports betting online

    Online sports betting has become very popular over time and the Georgia market is starting to pick up speed and is soon full of betting sites to choose from. Some of them only offer sports betting odds, while others have combined sports betting with casino games.

    Choosing the right online sports betting site in GA

    The most important thing to keep in mind when looking for a suitable betting site in Georgia is to check that it has a gaming license issued by the state. The license guarantees your security on the site, both regarding your transactions and personal information. With us, you will find both reviews of reliable betting sites and sports betting tips that will help you to a sports betting experience.

    Online sportsbooks in Georgia

    With the latest developments, we will soon be able to see a plethora of online sportsbooks in Georgia. However, in the early stages of the legalizing, it has been said that 6 online sportsbooks will be able to apply for licensing in Georgia.

    Online sports betting sites in Georgia

    Several online sports betting sites have been early to launch their operations in other states where it has been legalized. If we use these states as a template for what the future market will look like in the state of Georgia. We can make a good guess on which sportsbooks will be released first. Here’s a list of all sportsbooks in the US. The sportsbooks in Georgia are:


    Fanduel’s sportsbook is active in Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, Virginia, and Iowa. They do not have an online casino but their sportsbook is widely popular and offers games on most US sports but also many international sports.


    Draftkings is one of the USA’s largest and most popular sportsbooks, they are active in NJ, PA, WV, IN, IL, NH, IA, CO, TN, VA, and MI. They offer a large selection of sports to play and also offer generous bonuses. In addition to a sportsbook, DraftKings also has an online casino under the same name, but we do not know when it will be available to residents of Georgia.


    In 2018, BetMGM released its sportsbook for New Jersey residents. Today, they are active in several states where they offer everything from football to golf betting. BetMGM has a very popular online casino that we hope may soon be available to Georgia residents.


    The online sports betting site is affiliated with the famous Las Vegas casino Caesars.
    They released their first online sports betting operation in NJ in 2018 and are today established in PA and Indiana with plans to expand. They have a large selection of sports and also an online casino in states where it is legalized.

    Sports to place online sports bets on in Georgia

    Are you a football enthusiast or a basketball fan? Whatever the answer, online sportsbooks in Georgia can offer you online sports betting on your favorite sports. The range of sports is large but with a huge con. You are not able to bet on any college sports in Georgia. But online sports betting on pro leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, and more are available.

    Sports betting teams in Georgia

    Georgia has many popular professional sports teams with a solid fan base that Georgians can place online sports bets on. Everything from their pro football team to the pro soccer team. The state has something for all sports enthusiasts especially if you live in Atlanta.

    • Atlanta Falcons (NFL)
    • Atlanta Hawks (NBA)
    • The Atlanta Braves (MLB)
    • Atlanta United (MLS)

    Best Georgia Online sports betting 2024

    With the new regulation of sports betting in Georgia, we want to guide you through how to bet on sports and how to choose the best sports betting site in Georgia. There are several things to think about, such as how you want to pay, what sports you want to be able to bet on, and what bonuses you can get are all important aspects that we address below.

    Choosing the best sports betting site in Georgia

    There are several aspects to keep in mind when choosing a betting site in Georgia to find the one that is best for you. All bettors are different, as are our needs in areas such as payment methods, range of sports, bonuses, and support. First and foremost, you should choose a site that best offers online sports betting in the sports you are interested in. With the help of our reviews, you get information about the sports betting market in Georgia, the best deposit/withdrawal methods on each site, the number of sports to bet on and what their customer support looks like, and which sports betting bonuses that is the best in GA.

    Number of sports to bet on

    When choosing a sports betting site to place bets on in Georgia, the sportsbook must meet your requirements and wishes regarding the range of sports to bet at. If you are a tennis enthusiast, you want to be able to place bets on the best tennis matches, the same applies to all sports. You should bet on sports you feel comfortable with so that you can predict the results accurately. Therefore, you must look at the offer on the online sports betting site you want to register on and choose the one that suits you best.

    The best available sports to bet on in Georgia are:

    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Soccer
    • Rugby
    • Tennis
    • Golf
    • Racing (Motor Sports, Dog Racing, Horse racing)

    Find the best online sports betting bonus in GA

    Sports betting promotional offers and bonuses are something you can get when you make your first deposit on an online sports betting site in Georgia. It is therefore important to find the best bonuses available. Sometimes a player can also get an odds boost or even free bets.

    Best sportsbook bonuses in Georgia

    Sportsbooks in Georgia use bonuses to attract players, but it is not directly about free money even if they want to make it appear so. Usually, you get a certain percentage of your deposit in bonus, for example, 100 or 200 percent. But the money does not come without requirements and conditions that you as a player must meet before you can make a withdrawal from your gaming account. It is therefore best to read the terms and conditions before registering.

    Top 4 sportsbooks with the best bonuses in Georgia

    SportsbookBonusGo to casino!
    FanduelUp to $1,025Play now
    DraftKingsUp to $1000Play now
    BetMGMUp to $500Play now
    CaesarsUp to $500Play now

    The best Deposit/withdrawal Methods at online sportsbooks

    It’s to prefer when your favorite deposit withdrawal method is available at an online sportsbook in Georgia. This is so that you can quickly and safely deposit money and place an online sports bet. The same also applies to when you want to withdraw your winnings, it should be possible to do this via the best method you feel most secure with.

    The best methods for deposits and withdrawals in Georgia are:

    • Visa, Mastercard, American Express.
    • PayPal.
    • PayNearMe.
    • Bill pay and bank transfers.
    • ACH transfers.

    The best online sports betting customer support

    When placing an online sports bet in Georgia, it is important to have access to available and great customer support. This is important if something goes wrong, then you can call or chat with an employee on the online sports betting site so that they can help you in the best way possible to solve the problem that has arisen.

    Beginners Guide to online sports betting in Georgia

    When you are a beginner in the online sports betting world, it can be difficult to know what to do and how to proceed. This is especially true for beginners when it comes to online sports betting in Georgia. Therefore, we have developed a Guide that will be able to lead the inhabitants of the state of Georgia to the best online sports betting experience.

    Set your sports betting budget and stick to it

    An important tip when betting online in Georgia is to stick to your budget. If you have a set budget, it is easier to stop betting when you have reached the highest amount. Otherwise, there is a risk that you play for more than you can afford.

    Keep track of your sports betting history.

    It is also important to keep track of your sports betting history. Partly to keep track of how much money you gamble with, and also to see if you can use old results to help future sports bets.

    Do your research and find the online sports betting site that suits you best.

    Before you start betting, it is best practice to find a sports betting site that meets all your requirements. Research and read about the various sports betting sites available to find the one that suits you best. Our reviews will give you all the information you need to make a good choice.

    Follow games and become more familiar with a particular sport.

    It is good to find a sport that you want to get a better knowledge of. If you are interested in football, you can read about the teams and follow the games to become more familiar with football.

    Always do your homework before you place an online sports bet.

    Before you spend your money on betting, it is good to do your homework. By that, we mean that you should check the current form of the teams, how they did in previous matches and other information that can help you place a good sports bet that in turn can give you a profit.

    Don’t let your emotions get in the way.

    Many players choose to invest money in their favorite team precisely because they let their emotions rule. When it comes to online sports betting, it is always the facts that help you the most. Although luck of course also plays a role, there are plenty of factors that can affect how a game might end.

    Do not be afraid to experiment.

    Experimenting can be rewarding, don’t just bet on the safe bets. If you do, there will be no big wins when the time comes. Bet on different matches, or take a look at a sport you usually don’t bet on. Do not be afraid to experiment a little.

    Mobile sports betting in Georgia

    Mobile sports betting is a form of online gambling that is available to inhabitants of Georgia, mobile sports betting means that you have the opportunity to place online sports bets in the state of Georgia from your mobile device. This is not the case in all states, although it is sought-after. In 2024, we are more and more dependent on our mobile devices where we do everything from paying our bills to playing games. We look at the major benefits of mobile sports betting in Georgia and guide you through placing a basic mobile sports bet. We also look at the mobile sports betting bonuses available in Georgia.

    Pros of mobile sports betting

    The biggest advantage of mobile sports betting in Georgia is that you can place your online sports bets via your mobile device. This means that you can bet anywhere as long as you are within the state’s borders. Another great advantage is that many mobile sports betting operators also offer live streaming of the games.

    • Flexible & simple
    • Livestream sports in your mobile device
    • Bet wherever you are

    Georgia Mobile sports betting devices

    The iPhone is today the most common mobile device among the residents of the state of Georgia. All sports betting sites have mobile-friendly sites where you can place your bets. The sites work for all new devices that have an internet connection and are guaranteed to be safe to use.

    There are also Mobile sports betting apps available in Georgia, and these are compatible with all devices powered by Android and iOS operating systems, whether it is a tablet or a smartphone.

    GA Mobile sports betting Bonuses

    As far as we can see, there are no deviations on bonuses for players who choose to register via their mobile devices or via desktop. But that may change in the future as the various sportsbooks may have bonuses only for app users and so on.

    Georgia Mobile sports betting Guide

    Placing mobile sports bets in Georgia works much like at a desktop. Either visit the operator’s website or download their app. After that, you register with your private information. It’s in the registration process that you also choose any bonuses to take advantage of. After that, you’ll come to the step where you have to deposit your money to bet with. When the deposit is completed, you can place mobile sports bets on your mobile device anywhere in the state.

    Learn more about other states that are not legal yet:

    FAQ’s About Online Sports Betting in Georgia

    Are online sports betting legal in Georgia?

    Yes! Online sports betting was legalized in the beginning of 2021.

    Can I place bets on the NFL in Georgia?

    Yes! You are since the beginning of 2021 able to place sports bets on your favorite football teams and events in Georgia.

    What are the legal sports betting age in Georgia?

    The legal age for sports betting both retail and online is 21 years old in the peach state.

    Which sports can i bet on in Georgia?

    You can place bets on every conceivable sports in Georgia, both domestic and international. Golf, basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey and nascar are all sports you can bet on, but the most popular sport to bet on is football.