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Thinking about getting into Florida sports betting but not sure of where to start? You’ve come to the right place! Below we cover (almost) everything you need to know about sports betting in the state of Florida, including how to find the right Florida sportsbooks, how to place smarter bets, and more. So let’s dig right in.

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Compare Florida sports betting online


The first big piece of the puzzle for sports betting in the state of Florida is finding the right betting platform. This is a lot more challenging than most people think, especially those brand-new to the world of Florida sports betting.

For one thing, you’ll have a bunch of different options to pick and choose from – and all of them are going to promise the moon and the stars when it comes to bonuses, promos, rewards, and a better overall betting experience. To help make it easier to sift through the different Florida betting site options available today, we share a couple of our favorite Florida sportsbooks below.

Best Florida sportsbooks


 The best Florida sportsbooks are naturally the ones that offer the best bonuses and overall enjoyable experience. Since all the Florida sports betting operators are licensed and regulated, security is a top priority.

BetMGM sports betting in Florida

If you’re serious about getting into Florida sports betting online then BetMGM deserves close consideration.

One of the biggest online betting companies in the country, BetMGM has the full backing of the legendary MGM resort and casino organization. The odds and lines here are fantastic, the betting options are diverse, and you get access to most sports betting markets – not just in the US but around the world, too.

The odds are pretty good that if there’s a game happening somewhere in the world and people are placing wagers on it you’ll be able to as well on BetMGM!

On top of all that, the betting app and the online interface are polished and effortless to navigate. Jumping on, finding a bet you feel great about, and cashing out your winnings are about as easy as it gets here!

BetRivers FL sports betting

BetRivers is another of the more polished Florida sportsbooks in the state, offering tons of options, tons of markets, and some of the most lucrative promos in the industry.

Known for their generous welcome bonus, even new bettors are going to be able to jump right into the mix and put down bigger bets – and win bigger payouts – without having to risk a mountain of their own money along the way.

Live betting is a priority here at BetRivers, too. If you have any interest in placing bets while games are going on – right in the middle of the action, even – you’re going to want to check out all that this Florida sportsbook has on offer.

Getting into the action has never been easier, with a simplified user interface, smart and secure banking system, and pretty fast payouts.

Add in world-class customer service and support, a reliable and reputable operator, and a platform that continues to improve all the time and it’s easy to see why people love this Florida sports betting site.

Caesars sportsbook Florida

The Caesars sportsbook in Florida is one of the most universally beloved sports betting apps and the United States, and for a good reason.

This app, after all, has the full backing of the legendary Caesar’s resort and casino in Las Vegas. So the odds you’ll find here, the lines you’ll find here, and the sports betting markets available through the app are going to be identical to the options available in Las Vegas.

On top of all that, you also get one of the most generous welcomes aboard bonuses in the online sports betting industry. We’re not just talking about in Florida, either – but in the entire industry across the United States!

New members on the Caesars sportsbook gain access to a $5000 risk-free wager with their initial deposit. This can help build your Caesars bankroll faster than you would have thought possible!

DraftKings Florida sportsbook

DraftKings is an interesting platform in the sports betting world in that it started off as a fantasy sports platform before growing into the sports betting juggernaut it is today.

Sure, you’ll still be able to jump headfirst into traditional fantasy sports action on DraftKings if you like. You’ll even be able to get into Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) if that’s more your speed.

In addition to all of that, though, you’ll also gain access to one of the most polished and professional Florida sports betting platforms in the industry.

Built from the ground up to be a mobile-first kind of platform, the DraftKings Florida sportsbook app is better than almost any other option out there right now.

Players will be able to pick wagers to make, lock in their bets with the odds and lines they are interested in, and check in on those wagers through one of the most sophisticated – but easy to use – betting slips in the business.

New account holders also gain access to a 20% deposit match, fantastic value with live betting, and tons of other extras and options not available on any other sportsbook today.

FanDuel betting in FL

Like DraftKings, FanDuel was originally built to be a fantasy/Daily Fantasy Sports platform and grew into one of the bigger sportsbooks in the business almost right away.

However, the big differentiation between DraftKings and FanDuel is how aggressively FanDuel has invested in their technology infrastructure.

Offering one of the few mobile apps that can go toe to toe with DraftKings (and plenty consider FanDuel’s app to be superior), the live betting experience from FanDuel shows just how advanced and sophisticated this platform really is.

Not only do you gain access to one of the largest live betting markets in the sports betting industry when you sign up for a FanDuel Florida sports betting account, but you also gain access to tons of live streaming options.

This means you’re going to be able to place bets in the middle of games – instead of having been locked out as soon as tipoff started – but you’re also going to be able to watch the action live and in real time to make smarter in-play bets as well. That’s a game changer.

PointsBet sportsbook in Florida

The PointsBet sportsbook experience in Florida is a little bit unique to a lot of the other options, in that they are the only bookie that has a “Points Betting” scheme available.

Reputable, trustworthy, and with some of the best (most competitive) odds and lines in sports betting, tons of players choose PointsBet as their betting home to place traditional wagers.

Many others, though, get hooked into “Points Betting” – in large part because of the leverage and almost unlimited upside these kinds of wagers offer. To be fair, Points Betting wagers are a little riskier as well. But that’s a lot of the fun for some players.

The mobile application from PointsBet Florida is easy to use, lightning-fast, and continuously getting new features and improvements. The banking system here is easy to use, fast, and secure.

Be sure to check out the promos, bonuses, and rewards available from PointsBet as well. Many of these can be pretty lucrative!

Unibet Florida sports betting

Every Florida sports betting platform has something that they are well known for. Some focus on technology, some focus on player experience, others heavily invest in their mobile environment.

Unibet is known primarily for offering some of the best odds and betting markets in the online sportsbook industry.

The chances are pretty good that if you want to get the odds tilted a little bit in your favor when placing a wager you’ll want to check out the lines available from Unibet before you go anywhere else.

Having lines like these is a huge competitive advantage, but competing odds across a deep betting market is a game-changer.

You’re not just going to be able to put money down on the local hometown teams when you sign up for a Florida Unibet account. You’ll be able to put wagers down on pretty much any game happening anywhere around the world, too. Not bad, right?

Tips for choosing the best Florida sports betting site

We highlighted some of our favorite Florida sports betting options, options you’ll definitely want to have a closer look at yourself; let’s get a little deeper into how to find the right home for all of your online sports betting. Remember this, though, before we dive any deeper:

There’s no reason at all you can’t sign up and be a member with multiple Florida sportsbooks at the same time.

If a couple of different platforms interest you, or if a couple of platforms are offering particularly lucrative sign-up and deposit bonuses after you’ve already created accounts elsewhere, you might want to make a free account and try things out somewhere else. It’s not a bad strategy!

Reviews and reputation

Right out of the box you need to be sure that you are only ever doing any Florida sports betting with 100% reliable, reputable, and legitimate operators. The overwhelming majority of sportsbooks in Florida are on the up and up.

Some of them are (obviously) going to offer better experiences than others – like the ones we highlighted above. But almost all of them are legitimate. Not all, though.

There are still some fly-by-night operators, less than legitimate online gambling houses, and “darker than gray area” betting sites that you need to avoid at all costs.

In a best case scenario, those kinds of sites are going to take your wagers and never payout your winnings.

In a worst-case scenario, though, they might steal your personal information, your private information, or even your payment and banking information. That’s a nightmare you won’t have to worry about when you only sign up with legitimate Florida sports betting operators.

Wide variety of betting options

Secondly, it’s important to be sure that you choose a Florida betting site with many betting options available – even if you only like to bet on baseball right now (for example).

Sure, it’s not a bad idea to find a book that offers you the kind of betting experience you are looking for. It’s not a bad idea to find a book that heavily caters to the kind of bets you are looking to make, either.

At the same time, though, the chances are pretty good that eventually, you’re going to want to branch out a little bit.

Maybe right now you are big on betting on baseball in Florida. But when football season rolls around and baseball won’t be back until the spring you might want to jump headfirst into that kind of action, too.

Or maybe you spend a lot of time betting on the “Big Four” leagues in the US – the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, and the MLB – and are starting to get interested in college sports or leagues overseas.

Only the Florida sportsbooks that cater to these kinds of betting markets are going to be able to scratch that itch for you.

It’s always better to have more options to place sports bets than to be boxed into only a handful. So look for bookies with plenty of options to pick and choose from.

Competitive odds and betting lines

One of the most important things successful sports bettors understand is how crucial it is to find competitive odds and betting lines.

Players who want to have success winning sports bets need to rely on their bookie to offer lines that, while they may not tip the odds completely in favor of the players, certainly don’t stack the deck completely against them.

Luckily, the overwhelming majority of Florida sports betting operations recognize just how competitive this industry is right now.

Odds are different depending on platform

They know they have to offer fantastic odds and lines to their player base or they are going to lose out to competitors that are willing to undercut them – even just a little bit.

This means you’re not going to have a tough time finding a Florida betting site that offers lines and odds similar to what you would find coming out of Las Vegas.

At the same time, some bookies definitely offer more competitive lines and odds than others.

It’s well worth doing some research, some comparison, and some digging into the ins and outs of how each book your considering comes up with its lines. You also want to check and see how quickly they adjust their lines and odds and if there’s any “lag time” that you can capitalize on to improve your odds of success.

Well-designed FL sports betting mobile apps

Having the opportunity to bet on sports anywhere in the state of Florida right from your phone is a game changer.

No longer do you have to make a trip to a local resort or casino just to put a little bit of money down on a game you were hoping to watch in the comfort of your own home – or a game you’re planning to watch live; at the stadium!

No, now all you have to do is fire up reputable Florida sports betting app and you are good to go.

Some sportsbooks recognize how important it is to have a polished, clean, fast, and secure app. Others have sort of cobbled something together, just sort of putting an app out there for their players and then improving it over time.

You’ll want to be sure to find Florida sports betting sites that have already done the heavy lifting of making their app a joy to use.

Look for apps that:

  • Have clean and uncluttered user interfaces
  • Are fast and responsive, with little delay between blocking your bet in and executing it
  • Breakdown all of your wagers and bets in a well-organized digital betting slip

… And include any of the other features that you are looking for in a new sports betting platform. So cover these bases and you’ll be good to go!

Secure, safe, and fast banking

It’s tough to have any success betting on sports in Florida without first quickly (safely) depositing money into your sports betting account. On top of that, nobody wants to wait a lifetime to get paid from the wagers they hit on – especially those that hit big!

Be sure to choose Florida sports betting platforms that offer secure, safe, and lightning-fast banking options whenever possible. These are the kinds of platforms that will make getting your money into your account easy and withdrawing your money as pain-free and as fast as possible.

Obviously, some sportsbooks do better than others in the speed department. But all top-tier Florida betting sites feature full end to end encryption and other security features that guarantees your personal, private, and payment information stays secure. This is something worth researching, though.

The last thing you want to do is sign up for a sportsbook with a less than perfect reputation for banking security. But, unfortunately, that’s a fast way to find your information (and access to your payment sources) compromised.

Worthwhile FL bonuses and rewards

The last thing we want to touch on when helping you sift through different Florida sports betting options is the importance of bonuses and rewards.

Every sportsbook in the industry – not just here in Florida, but all over the country (and the world) – offers some kind of enticement to get you to sign up for their sportsbook versus another.

Some of these bonuses and rewards look fantastic on the surface, but once you dig a little bit deeper they turn out not to be all that lucrative.

But these are the kinds of bonuses and rewards that are usually attached to unreasonable rollover requirements, betting restrictions, or other limitations on how those bonuses and rewards can be earned/used.

On the flip side of things, though, some sports betting operations offer very generous bonuses and rewards with few strings attached. Those (obviously) are the kinds of sports betting operations you want to connect with.

Always read the fine print on these bonuses and rewards, though. You want to understand exactly what you have to do in order to earn those kinds of rewards before you jump right in.

FL sports betting bonus

Speaking of FL sports betting bonuses… Below we run through (almost) everything you need to know about the different kinds of bonuses, rewards, and promos that a lot of top-tier FL betting sites like to offer.

This list is not complete or exhaustive by any stretch, but it certainly covers the majority of the types of bonuses and promos you are going to come across these days. So let’s get into it.

Florida sports betting sign up bonus

The sign up bonus is far and away the most “universal” of all the different bonuses you’re going to get from a Florida sports betting site.

All of the (or almost all, anyway) sportsbooks in the state are going to offer some kind of bonus to get you to become a member there instead of with any of their competitors.

Sometimes this bonus is “free cash” added to your account upon sign-up. Sometimes it’s a deposit match. Sometimes it’s a risk-free wager, odds or payout booster, or something else entirely. Compare sign up bonus is before you pick a sportsbook, though. You’ll only get one chance to take advantage of them!

FL sports betting risk-free bet

Risk-free wagers from Florida sports betting sites are one of the coolest bonuses you’ll have an opportunity to take advantage of. Here’s how they work: First, you pick a wager that you are interested in – or possibly a wager that meets the requirements for this problem (if they are outlined).

You put your money down and then you wait to see what happens. If you win the bet, you go home with all the money that you would have won no matter what.

If you lose the bet, though, all of the money that you wagered – every penny – gets immediately refunded back into your sportsbook betting account so that you can start placing wagers all over again. Think of this like the ultimate in sports betting protection!

Free bets

Free bets are another popular promo/bonus from the Florida sports betting platforms, and they works similarly to a risk-free bet – only this time you don’t have to put any of your own money up to make a wager in the first place.

These kind of bets are exactly what they sound like – free bets that you can place with no money and no real risk on your end whatsoever.

If you see these kinds of bonuses running you want to capitalize on them at every opportunity. You’re not going to get a bunch of chances to win real money (sometimes big money) without having to put any of your own skin in the game very often.

Florida sports betting deposit bonus

Deposit bonuses usually go hand in hand with sign up bonuses, though there are Florida betting site operators that also offer deposit bonuses well after your initial funds have hit your account.

Sometimes these deposit bonuses give you a 100% match of up to a certain amount – maybe $500-$5000 (though they can be even more generous than that).

This means that if you deposited $500, you get an extra $500 from the sportsbook added to your account. Deposit $2000 and you get an extra $2000. Deposit $5000 and you get an extra $5000.

Other deposit bonuses might offer you 50% up to even higher amounts. For example, maybe you deposit $10,000, giving you a $5000 initial match and then a $2500 match after that.

At the end of the day, it really is important to read the fine print on deposit match bonuses, though.

These kinds of bonuses are almost always tied to certain rollover requirements, certain betting requirements, or other restrictions that need to be met before you earn the full amount of money that they entitle you to. Learn how bonuses work in other states:

FL sports betting promos

The big difference between FL sports betting promos and bonuses is that promos are (generally) time sensitive, with new promos being released on a daily, weekly, monthly, and often seasonally basis.

On top of that, there’s usually a pretty big difference between the kinds of FL sports betting promos available from each sportsbook.

This is why it’s so critically important to check out different Florida sports betting sites, review the kinds of promos they offer specifically, and find a platform that aligns with the types of wagers you want to place.

It’s also not a bad idea to have multiple accounts on multiple sportsbooks to make sure that you cover all of your FL sports betting promo bases!

Florida sports betting promo codes

The way you unlock these promos (generally) involves using specific codes that are almost always time sensitive. For example, you might log into your Caesars Sportsbook account to find a promo offering a 100% match up to a $1500 deposit – but you need to use the promo code TODAYMATCHONLY to unlock it.

Or maybe the folks at BetRivers are offering a risk free wager of up to $1000 on a bed of your choice, but you need to use the promo code 0RISK before you place that bet.

You need to be sure that you have input the promo code before you lock in your wager or you might not be able to capitalize on that active promotion at all. Don’t skip this step or assume the promo will automatically be added before you (unless expressly outlined).

How to sign up at Florida sports betting mobile apps


Signing up for a Florida sports betting mobile app is generally pretty straightforward. Here’s how the process generally breaks down:

  • Find the Florida sports betting platform app you want to sign up for
  • Download the app to your mobile device (most apps are available free for iOS and Android devices)
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to go through the initial sign-up process
  • Confirm your age and your identity
  • Link a payment option to deposit your initial funds and capitalize on the sign up bonus

… And now you are off to the races!

Today’s Florida sports betting platforms have really streamlined the process for getting new accounts up and running. You should be able to get your new account going inside of about five minutes (or less), right in the same application you’ll use to place your bets and wagers moving forward.

Teams in Florida to bet on

There are a ton of teams to bet on in the state of Florida, though it’s important to remember that you aren’t strictly limited to betting on hometown teams when you sign up for a Florida sportsbook. Some of the top teams to put money down on today include:

  • The Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic (NBA)
  • The Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)
  • The Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL)
  • The Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays (MLB)

Sports bettors in Florida will also be able to put money down on Florida State Seminoles games, University of Miami Hurricanes games, Florida Gators games, and a whole host of other collegiate, professional, semi professional, and even some amateur games and matches as well.

Florida sports betting online banking


Banking in the world of sports betting is a huge piece of the puzzle. You need to be able to get your money into and out of your account reliably, quickly, and securely – and you need to be able to do so with banking options that you feel comfortable with.

Most Florida sports betting platforms are going to allow you to deposit and withdraw your money through a variety of different options, including (but not limited to):

  • All major credit and debit cards
  • Online payment processing services like PayPal and Venmo
  • Electronic bank transfers and ACH wires
  • Physical and electronic check deposits/transfers

On top of that, some Florida sports betting platforms have partnered with prepaid debit card operations and services to allow for even faster deposits and withdrawals via those cards and accounts.

If you have the opportunity to sign up for these kinds of accounts with these sports betting platforms it’s usually not a bad idea to jump on board.


Deposits (generally) are going to hit your account immediately upon the funds being added, regardless of whether or not the transaction has “cleared”. This gives you access to those funds right away.


On the other hand, Withdrawals are generally going to take anywhere between two and five business days – and sometimes longer – to successfully complete. So it really all depends on the withdrawal method selected.

You may even be able to visit local casinos and resorts that are partnered with the Florida sports betting operation you’ve selected to deposit and withdrawal cash at those facilities.

FAQ Florida sports betting online

Is it legal to bet on sports online in the state of Florida?

It is 100% legal to bet on sports online in the state of Florida right now. You do want to be sure that you are signing up with legitimate, licensed, and reputable sportsbooks, though.

Do I have to live in Florida to bet on sports online?

You do not have to live in the state of Florida to bet on sports online here, but your mobile device location data must show that you are within the state of Florida borders. Once your location data shows you outside of Florida, the betting components shut down until you return.

Are there any age restrictions for betting on sports online in Florida?

While there are no federal laws or statutes that establish the minimum sports betting age – online or off – the state of Florida has decided that you must be at least 21 years of age to bet online.

Am I restricted to betting only on Florida-based teams?

Absolutely not! While you could certainly choose to only ever bet on the hometown teams in FL, you could also decide to put money down on teams from all over the country or even the rest of the world (depending on the betting markets available from the bookie you’ve chosen).

Are there any limits on how much or how often I can bet on sports in Florida?

There are no hard limits on how much or how often you can bet on sports in the state of Florida. That’s entirely up to you.
If, though, you feel like your sports betting activity is getting the better of you and you’d like some help, contact the FL State Gambling Helpline at 1-888-ADMIT-IT (236-4848). This line is 100% free, totally anonymous, and available on a 24/7 basis.