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Take a look at our full guide to Texas online casino & gambling. Read more about all online casinos in Texas, compare bonuses and deposit requirements in our comparison list below.


    TX Online Casinos

    Below in our comparison list you will be able to take part in all online casinos in Texas. Using the list, you can easily compare bonuses, payment methods and more. All for you to find the best Texas online casinos for you.

    Pros of online Gambling in Texas

    1000+ Games

    When you take your gambling online, you will notice how many games you have missed out on. Online gambling offer over 1000+ games from all the game makers in the world.


    Participate in tournaments to access exclusive prizes, bonuses and other offers.
    Also, do not forget to try the loyalty programs offered at some online gambling sites.

    Open 24/7

    Gamble whenever you want, wherever you want. Online casinos are open 24 hours a day, so play in the morning, evening or night.

    Online gambling in Texas

    Unfortunately, online gambling in Texas is not yet legalized, which means that residents of the state have a limited range of games when it comes to really all types of gambling.For those of you who want to play slots, poker or table games online, this means that you have to stick to social casinos or go to one of the triabal casinos.

    Poker online in Texas

    Poker fans in Texas, we suffer with you. One might think that the state of Texas, which is actually the inspiration for the most popular poker game in the world (Texas Hold’em), should be in full swing when it comes to poker.

    Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, online poker in Texas, or really any type of poker, is still illegal. The only way for Texas residents to play poker is at the two triabala casinos. Otherwise, we would say that they stick to social casinos, which the state has approved.

    There are a couple of private poker clubs that operate within the state, these are some that are definitely on a grayscale to what is legal and not. We do not recommend anyone to gamble on these, as it may violate a federal law. We hope that online poker in Texas will be legalized soon, but until then, residents will have to make do with the tribal or social casinos.

    Play slots online in TX

    Even playing slots online in TX is almost impossible, at least if you do not want to break a law. Slots is one of the most popular types of games when it comes to casino games. This may be due to the fact that they almost take care of themselves and that there is no skill behind the winnings.

    Despite the great interest in slots and online slots in TX, residents of the state will have to wait a while longer before this will become available. But there are the social casinos that offer slots games online, without you risking losing any money. These sites are fully legal and the games are played with virtual coins with no value in them.

    Social poker in Texas
    • Pokerist
    • WSOP Poker
    • Zynga Poker
    Social Casino in Texas
    • Slotomania Casino
    • GSN Casino
    • DoubleDown Casino
    • Big Fish Casino
    Tribal Casino in Texas
    • Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino (Eagle Pass)
    • Naskila Entertainment Center(Livingston)

    Texas online casino bonus

    As we love bonuses, loyalty programs, tournaments and other offers. Texas online casino bonus, we believe will be a success when the first licensed online casino in Texas opens. How do we know this? No, of course we do not know exactly that it will be so.

    But if we compare the bonuses of the states that have recently legalized and opened up the market for online gambling, the bonuses have been very generous.

    All Texas online casino bonuses

    Once the state has opened up and legalized online gambling, it is only for the gaming companies to apply for the license and then start up. Once this is done, it will be easy for us to present all the Texas online casino bonuses.

    But we can quickly go through what the different bonuses that you will probably see, or have already seen, mean. Sometimes it can be tricky to understand what an online casino in Texas really offers and whether it is a good bonus or not.

    No-deposit bonus

    No-deposit bonus, is one of the bonuses that are usually awarded at the beginning when TX online casinos are new. With these bonuses, you as a player get the chance to try out at the casino first before making your own deposit of money.

    All you have to do is sign up and create an account at an online casino in Texas, and then you get a bonus of between $ 10- $ 20 for which you can test play. To get the chance to make a profit on this money, they must be played through a number of times, this is called wagering requirements.

    Wagering requirements can be found in the so-called small print, better known as terms and conditions in common parlance. It says exactly what requirements apply to bonuses and other offers that you may receive.

    Deposit bonus

    Deposit bonuses are probably the most common around the world when it comes to welcome bonuses. You get access to these bonuses when you make your first deposit at an online casino in Texas.

    The deposit bonuses are usually such matchups, which means that the casino matches your deposit (doubles it) up to a certain amount. It is also not uncommon for additional deposit bonuses to be added for future deposits that are similar to the one we described above.

    All online casinos in Texas with a license have the right to choose the type of bonus they want to give out, and also how big this should be. It is therefore always recommended that you compare the bonuses above in our comparison list to find the casinos that give out the best bonus.


    Free spins are common to get along with either a deposit bonus or no-deposit bonus. These are usually handed out for a specific game at the casino, where you can try them out without risking losing any of your own money.

    If you win some money on your free spins, these will have to be replayed a few times, depending on the casino’s wagering requirements. Read more about these under terms and conditions at each individual casino. Free spins are usually awarded extensively at many online casinos around the world.

    And usually also appear during the weeks when you, for example, might make a deposit. It is recommended to check their bonus & offers, to see which offers are available to receive each week.

    Mobile Casino In Texas

    Being able to play on the go, on the train, on the bus or really anywhere you do not have to pick up a computer is key. Mobile casino in Texas will be a big part of the players ‘focus and it is in the gaming companies’ highest interest that the apps for the casinos are easy to use. Mobile Casino in Texas will be operational in the near future.

    Best gambling apps in Texas

    Once online gambling is legalized in Texas, we will be able to present the best gambling apps in Texas. But of course we have already started to look to see what is being offered in other states where legalization has already taken place.

    For example. We can already assume that operators such as BetMGM Casino, Caesar Casino, 888 Casino and more will also be visible in Texas when the time comes.

    User-friendly mobile apps

    Of course, we have already researched these gambling apps and how they work and how user-friendly they are. What we can tell you is that there are many points among our requirements that they have checked off and they are getting better every day. They may therefore become a real competition in the future, for the role of the best gambling apps in Texas.

    Register at a mobile casino in Texas

    Registration at a mobile casino in Texas will go faster than you thought. Especially since you do it via mobile and the information is easily accessible.
    The information required is basic information about yourself, so that the mobile casino in Texas can verify that you are a real person who meets the age requirement.

    There will probably be a 21-year age limit for online gambling in Texas, which is not surprising, but most states have set them for gambling.
    But back to the registration at a mobile casino in Texas. You will need to provide the following information about yourself:

    • First and last name
    • Postal address
    • Date of birth
    • Social security number
    • Email address
    • Phone number

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    FAQ’s About Texas Online Casino​

    Is online gambling legal in Texas?

    No, not anyt type of online gambling is legal in Texas yet.

    Can i gamble online in Texas with real money?

    No, you can neither play for real money nor win real money online in Texas. For real money gambling, racinos or tribal casinos apply.

    Can I play slots online in Texas?

    Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to play slots online in Texas. We do not know when this may be legalized, but keep an eye on our site for more information.

    Can I play online poker in TX?

    No. Online poker is not legal in the state of Texas.