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    Online sports betting in NY

    It is still not legal for residents to place online sports bets in NY, but as of recent, Governor Andrew Cuomo has expressed an interest in possibility of legalizing and regulating online sports betting in NY. The main reason for this is that the state foregoes huge sums of tax revenue that would be used for rebuilding NY’s economy after the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

    Our guidance to NY sportsbooks

    We are here to help you navigate around what applies to online sports betting in NY. At the moment, we are putting a lot of focus and time on following the development around the legalization itself. Later, if online sports betting becomes legal in NY, we will offer lists of the best bonuses and promo codes for all New York based sports books. This is so that you as a player can get the most out of the online sportsbooks in NY and so that you can get a good picture of the current situation on a single communication channel.

    Online sports betting NY

    The topic of online sports betting in NY is one of this year’s biggest question mark in the online sports betting community in the US. NY has the potential to become the largest online sports betting market in the country.

    Best NY betting Sites

    Gambling Joker reviews online sports betting in NY once it’s legalized.

    The 4 major benefits of online sports bets in NY

    The biggest benefits of online sports betting are the availability, the bonuses, the number of available sports to bet on and the convinience. With information about the best sportsbooks available, we help you find the service that suits you.


    Available 24/7

    Online sportsbooks have no opening hours



    You can place bets in the convinience of your home or out, simply anywhere in the state of NY


    Great Bonuses

    With generous bonuses, your bets get a bigger advantage than usual.


    Number of available sports

    The number of sports and games to bet on is almost astronomical.

    NY mobile sports betting

    Today, most of the internet traffic in NYcomes from smartphones, which has meant that most sportsbook operators build their apps so that they are as mobile friendly as possible. When placing a sports bet on a smartphone or a tablet the practice is usually called mobile sports betting. Other names can be mobile betting, smartphone betting, mobile sportsbooks, tablet betting, but it all boils down to mobile sports bets.

    Mobile sports bets in NY

    With the legalization of online sports betting in NY, it also meant that mobile sports betting will play a large part of the market share. In the twentieth century more New Yorkers have access to a smartphone than they have to a desktop. Sports betting companies have adapted and developed their applications just for mobile sports betting, a mobile friendly sportsbook allows you to carry your sportsbook in your pocket and place mobile sports bets on the run.

    How safe is mobile betting in NY?

    You are probably already doing banking transactions and buying / paying for different things on your smartphone today. Only that, indicates that the security is on top. Smartphones are often more secure, or as secure as desktops, and the risk of your information being stolen is small. We can in good conscience place mobile bets in NY and feel confident that everything is going right.

    Mobile sports betting advantages.

    The only difference between mobile sports betting and online sports betting is actually that mobile sports betting allows for you as a player to live an agile life when you have placed a sports bet, it can be at home, at work or even when you watch a match . You won’t have l to be locked to your desktop at home in order to follow the progress of the game or make changes to the sports bet. The bonuses are offered to both types of players.

    Benefits of mobile sports betting

    • Bet anywhere, anytime.
    • The same bonus applies.
    • Quick deposits and withdrawals.
    • Apps available for Android and iOS devices
    • As secure as on a desktop.

    NY online sports betting operators

    In the event of a regulation of online sports betting in New York, deciding which sportsbook to create an account with becomes a subject. The gigantic selection of different online sports book operators will make it difficult for some to know which one is the right one.

    NY and GamblingJoker

    In order for you as a customer to be satisfied with your choice, we at Gambling Joker recommend that you think carefully about what you are really looking for in an online sports betting service provider before you decide to create an account. If you want to be able to get the most out of your online sports betting, it is important that you choose a provider that satisfies your needs.

    Choose the right sportsbook in NY

    • Online sports betting operator that offer the best odds
    • The online sports betting operator with the best bonuses and promotions
    • The online sports betting operator that is the most mobile friendly
    • A sports betting operator that have a good reputation
    • Other factors to take in consideration – Apps, Live Streaming and more

    Find the best NY online sportsbook for you

    In the event of a legalization and when it’s time to create an account on a new betting site based in NY, it’s important that you know what products the sportsbook offers. The majority of online sportsbooks in NY generally offer similar bonuses but this may differ. Therefore, make sure to adapt your choice of operator based on what they offer. Many of the various operators choose to niche themselves with certain types of sports and leagues.

    Which online sportsbooks in NY will offer the best odds?

    In betting, you constantly strive for the best odds in order to gain as much as possible from your bet. For this reason, it is highly interesting for new customers to find out which online sportsbook will offer the highest odds in NY. A tip from us at Gambling Joker, however, is that you use one of the many different odds portals that exist to compare odds.

    Compare the odds

    This way, you will be able to easily find out which online sportsbook in NY that offers the best odds for your specific games. This means that you probably need to create accounts at more than one sportsbook, but it can definitely be worth it. Creating an account with more than one online sportsbook is also a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the various welcome bonuses.

    Examples of bonus and promotion requirements
    • Turnover requirements – When you use a bonus, you usually need to turn over your bonus ex number of times before you can claim your winnings.
    • Minimum Odds – Find out what the lowest accepted odds are that you must play for.

    Secure NY online sportsbooks

    If you are new to betting and do not have good knowledge of the NY online sportsbooks, we at Gambling Joker recommend that you choose a trusted sportsbook operator with a valid license. Preferably also one that is well known. As a new player, it is important to first learn the basics of betting, but above all the risks that come with it. Having the opportunity to use the NY online sports betting operator’s customer service will be a great advantage for you new players.

    Mobile friendly NY online sports betting company

    Playing matches / competitions from a mobile phone has in recent years become more and more common and today almost the majority of games take place via mobile phone. The sportsbook operators all over the world have quickly perceived the change and developed an app or mobile-adapted website for their customers. If you intend to place bets via mobile, it is therefore important that you choose an online sportsbook with good mobile friendliness.

    Other – Apps, Live Streaming and more

    One positive thing about the great competition that will develop around the NY online sports betting scene is that they will constantly strive to get and retain customers. To do just that, it is necessary for the sportsbooks to offer the best to their customers.

    Four of the best features of online sports betting sites worldwide are:

    • Live streaming – Offering customers the opportunity to watch matches live has proven to be an extremely appreciated feature. Online sports betting companies that can offer livestream have received a real boost with new members.
    • Cash out – One of the newer features offered by online sportsbooks today is cash out. This type of function means that you can close your game before the match / competition is finished.
    • Apps – One of the most important functions for an online sportsbook is that they offer their customers an app or mobile-adapted website. The majority of players choose to bet with their mobile.
    • Statistics – Data showing statistics on teams / players has proven to be an appreciated feature among people who bet. Many of the players who choose to bet on a match take the help of information about e.g. previous meetings or how the form is.

    Major NY sports teams you can bet on

    The New York JetsNFL
    The New York GiantsNFL
    Buffalo BillsNFLl
    Brooklyn NetsNBA
    New York KnicksNBA
    New York LibertyWNBA
    New York MetsMLB
    New York YankeesMLB
    New york RangersNHL
    Buffalo SabresNHL
    New York IslandersNHL
    New York City FCMLS
    New York City Red BullsMLS

    Real money online sports bets in NY

    At the moment it is prohibited to place online sports bets for real money in the state of New York, all legal sports bets need to be placed at a “brick & mortar” sportsbook at one of the state’s land-based casinos, there are 8 land based casinos in NY state that offers sports books:

    • Turning Stone Resort & Casino, “The Lounge with Caesars Sports”
    • Resorts World Catskills “Sports book 360”
    • Rivers Casino Schenectady “Rivers Sports book”
    • del Lago Casino Resort “DraftKings Sports book”
    • Tioga Downs “FanDuel Sports book”
    • Yellow Brick Road Casino “The Lounge with Caesars Sports”
    • Point Place Casino “The Lounge with Caesars Sports”
    • Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort “Sticks Sports book”

    Expect deposit and withdrawal methods in NY online sportsbooks

    • Land-based casino cashier: other legal gambling states offer cash deposits and withdrawals in person.
    • Credit and debit cards.
    • PayPal.
    • ACH transfers.
    • Bill pay and bank transfer.
    • PayNearMe.
    • Wire or cashier’s check.

    New York online sportsbooks odds

    Odds are determined tha same way as at a brick and mortar sportsbook, after the likelihood that something specific will happen. So, what is the chance that e.g. The Giants win against The Raiders or how likely is it that a game will end with a certain number of TD’s? To determine the probability of these issues, the NY online sportsbooks will use different types of statistics and analyzes.

    When the sportsbooks have produced final data, odds are presented on what the probability is that e.g. The Giants win against The Raiders. The odds of the different online sportsbooks usually do not differ much from each other, as most of them use the same strategy, but it is always possible to find odds that are better than others.

    Odds and bets at online sportsbooks

    When you place an online sports bet, you must predict the outcome of a specific game or competition. The different NY online sportsbooks will offer lots of different variants that you can bet on, it can be anything from guessing the winner of a match to choosing which team gets the most yards. Your odds and your bet determine how big your potential winnings will be. The higher the bet and the odds you have, the more money you will win.

    Create an account – online sports betting NY

    In order for you to be able to play odds games, it is required that you have an account with one of the various online sportsbooks that will be available. Creating an account is usually quick and easy. Most online sportsbooks will welcome new players with a betting bonus that allows you to play your first games risk-free. You will be able to play odds on everything from the NFL to the NBA. And once you have found the genre you want to play in, just find the best odds for your game and create your coupon.

    Online sports betting – Variants of coupons

    Once you have created an account, you will see that you have a large selection of games to bet on. The most common game variant among customers who play online is to bet on which team or player will win the match.

    But there are a number of sports betting variations to play online, such as:

    • Straight bets
    • Total Line bets
    • Money Line bets
    • Parlay bets
    • Teaser bets
    • Head-to-Head bets

    Land based casinos with sportsbooks in NY state

    Turning Stone Resort & CasinoThe Lounge with Caesars Sports
    Resorts World CatskillsSportsbook 360
    Rivers Casino SchenectadyRivers Sportsbook
    del Lago Casino ResortDraftKings Sportsbook
    Tioga DownsFanDuel Sportsbook
    Yellow Brick Road CasinoThe Lounge with Caesars Sports
    Point Place CasinoThe Lounge with Caesars Sports
    Akwesasne Mohawk Casino ResortSticks Sports Book

    Legalization of betting in NY

    The sports betting laws in NY are as confusing as they are in the rest of the country. We are here to help sort out and clarify these so that you as a player may have a collective place for the information you need to place sports bets in NY. In 2018, the US government altered the federal laws that restricted the legality of sports betting in the United States. In short, they made sports betting legal on a whole level and paved the way for states to decide for themselves how they want to handle gambling.


    Some states jumped at the chance to bring in tax revenue, including New York. In 2019, the State of New York and the NY State Gaming Commission in consultation passed legislation to allow sports betting in the four land-based casinos as well as in Indian casinos throughout the state.

    Legal online sports betting in NY

    With the regulation, they did not look at online-based sports betting, which is a large part of the market internationally, and they chose not to take it up again at a comprehensive level. But as we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped society with social distancing and lockdowns this has led to a huge budget deficit for all states in the US.

    Guvernor Cuomo

    This has led to Governor Cuomo rethinking online sports betting in New York to help rebuild the economic situation that currently prevails in the state. During one of his “state of the state’s” during the end of October, he said “New York has the potential to be the largest sports wagering market in the United States, and by legalizing online sports betting we aim to keep millions of dollars in revenue here home, which will only strengthen our ability to rebuild from the COVID-19 crisis.

    Legal online sports betting in NY

    With the regulation, they did not look at online-based sports betting, which is a large part of the market internationally, and they chose not to take it up again at a comprehensive level. But as we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped society with social distancing and lockdowns this has led to a huge budget deficit for all states in the US.

    States that permit online sports betting

    FAQ’s About Online sports betting in New York

    Is online sports betting legal in NY?

    It is not yet legal to place online sports bets in The state of New York

    Which NY online sportsbooks offers PayPal?

    With no online sportsbook in the state of New York, there is non who can offer Paypal as a payment method.

    What is the legal gambling age in New York?

    It varies between 18 to 21, 18 for lottery and horse racing, and generally 18 for casinos unless alcohol is served then the age limit is 21.

    Can I win real money at a NY online sportsbook

    No, you can neither play nor win real money at an New york online sportsbooks. However, you can place bets at a brick and mortar sportsbook in NY