Ohio Sportsbook Promos

A good bettor takes advantage of the best Ohio sportsbook promos and bonuses. This guide breaks down the promo codes and bonuses to bring you all you need to know about Ohio sports betting bonuses. Then, learn how to easily take advantage of the best betting promos on the Ohio market.

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Finding Ohio betting bonuses


There are plenty of betting bonuses to choose from in the Buckeye State. This guide will break down our betting bonus favorites, including bet credits, no-deposit bonuses, cash bets, and matched deposits. We’ll also look at bet credit insurance and deposit bonuses in Ohio.

We will also cover reward programs, which may offer Ohio betting bonuses. Finally, we’ll get you ready to find and choose the best Ohio betting bonuses for you, discussing how you can obtain a bonus and which brand offers the best ones.

Best Ohio sports betting promo codes

Betting is live and legal in the state. It launched on January 1st, 2023. The sportsbooks in Ohio that provide bonus codes and promos are listed below. Promo codes will be accessible from the launch on January 1, 2023.

💰 BetMGM Ohio Promo CodeJOKERZINO
💰 Caesars Sportsbook OH Promo CodeTBA
💰 FanDuel Ohio Promo CodeTBA
💰 BetFred Ohio Promo CodeTBA
💰 DraftKings Promo CodeJOKERZINO

Top OH sportsbook promos available


Our top list of Ohio sportsbooks for great betting bonuses includes the biggest names in the industry. All of these betting sites are regulated in the state of Ohio, backing their dependability and reliable customer service.


BetMGM Ohio offers a bet credit insurance of up to $1,000 for many new users in the 10+ states it works within. This sportsbook includes all of the big and small betting markets bettors look for and has its rewards program, too.


DraftKings Ohio is famous for online betting and its online betting community. It has offered new users cash bets and partial deposit matches of up to $1,000. DraftKings sportsbook’s community also offers different competitions for users with various yearly promotions and bonuses.


FanDuel Ohio comes in strong in both online and fantasy sports betting. It sports a $1,000 bet credit insurance for new users in most states and other deposit bonus options.


Caesars Sportsbook Ohio is a great betting site option for big markets in the state. It is known for having attractive initial offers for new users, including up to $5,000 in a bet credit insurance bonus for signing up. Supported by Caesars Entertainment, bettors know they are in secure hands.

Best Ohio sports betting bonus offers


While there are a ton of Ohio sports betting bonus offers available to new and old bettors alike, some are better than others. We prefer bonuses that don’t require bettors to deposit their money – essentially, these are the tried-and-true bonuses that are gifted without major requirements.

The different types of betting bonuses in Ohio

Of course, all bonuses, gifted or not, have their own turnover requirements, so make sure to read up on that further below before choosing your bonus.

Cash bets

Cash bets roll in as one of our top, if not the top, Ohio sports betting bonus. This bet is given to the bettor without deposit requirements. Much like the next two bonuses, cash bonuses cannot be withdrawn for cash and must usually be used entirely on one bet.

The best part of cash bonuses is that if you win your bet, you get to keep both the winnings and the staked amount. This means the bonus money could be yours to keep, unlike other bonuses, which absorb the staked bet back into the operator.

Bet credit

Bet credits are another one of our favorite bonuses because, unlike others, their name truly reflects what it is. A bet credit is a complete bet credit of a predetermined amount given to you.

Let’s say you are offered a $10 bet credit, you can use this money to place any bet on any provider. Usually, you must use the entire $10 amount on one bet – it typically cannot be split into smaller bets. It also cannot be exchanged for cash.

If you win your bet credit, you’ll be credited the winnings but not the staked amount. For example, let’s say your bet credit was $10, and you won $12. Your account balance would end up being $12.

No deposits

Another top Ohio betting bonus is the no-deposit bonus. These bonuses are given to your account without any deposit caveats. You simply complete the requirements, which usually include a sign up, and boom, your no-deposit bonus will be reflected on your account.

These bonuses must be bet with, as they can’t be immediately withdrawn. They are typically offered to bettors as a one-time dollar amount.


Matched deposits are a preferred Ohio sports betting bonus because of the amount they contribute. If you’re lucky enough to find a full (100%) matched deposit bonus, you should take advantage of it.

One example would be an offering of a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to $300. This means that if you deposited $300 into your account, you would have $600 to bet on. If you deposited $100, you would have $200. If you deposited $400, you would have $700 ($400 original + $300 matched deposit maximum).

As with almost all bonuses, the matched deposit cannot be traded in for cash. Almost all brands will require you to bet with the full balance amount before being able to withdraw cash or winnings.

Ohio sportsbook promos and bonus types

While they may not be our top choices, these Ohio sports betting bonus offers can also offer enticing welcome and ongoing offers for bettors.

Both bet credit insurance and deposit bonuses require you to fund your cash into your betting account before accessing the bonus. However, if you plan to deposit money into your account regardless, these bonus options may be even more attractive.

Site credits

Bet credits are some of the most commonly offered welcome bonuses for new users on a mobile betting app in Ohio. Betting sites utilize them because they attract bettors who are otherwise wary about risking their money.

Bet credit insurances alleviate that fear of risk by covering any losses you may have on your first bet up to a set amount. Imagine you’re given a bet credit insurance of up to $1,000. First, you’ll need to deposit and bet with your money. This bonus covers any amount up to $1,000.

If you decide to bet $500 of your cash and lose it, the $500 will be returned to your account as part of the bonus. This only counts towards one bet. If you bet $1,200 and lose it, you will be credited $1,000. If you win your bet, your staked amount and winnings are credited to your account, and the bet credit concludes.

Deposit offers

Ohio deposit bonuses are given when you deposit money into your account. These can be offered as a percentage or a set dollar amount.

For example, you may see a 50% deposit bonus offer of up to $200. This means if you deposit $100, you’ll get an extra $50. Likewise, if you deposit $200, you’ll get an extra $100, and if you deposit more than $200, you will also get an extra $100.

As with all bonuses, you’ll need to bet with your deposit bonus before being able to withdraw it under the turnover requirements.

Ohio sports betting bonus programs

Some top Ohio sportsbooks offer bonus reward programs for their bettors. These include personal challenges, community competitions, seasonal contests, and more. Winning these events could bring bonus bets, cash bonuses, or even points for physical prizes bought at the sportsbook’s online store.

The more you bet, the more points you get, and the higher your tier within the reward program. Each operator reward program is different, but all bettors should try to take advantage and sign up for a sportsbook that offers a reward program for continued bonus action in Ohio.

OH bonus – turnover requirements

Turnover requirements are the stipulations, rules, and regulations around when you can get your betting bonus and what you can do with it.

Virtually all betting bonuses require that you bet on the bonus before you can pull any cash or winnings out of your account. Other turnover requirements may include that you’ll also need to bet on your winnings from the betting bonus bet. Always read the fine print regarding your betting bonus turnover requirements.

These conditions are understandable; the sportsbook’s main goal is better retention and participation. Nevertheless, always read the fine print regarding your betting bonus turnover requirements.

How to obtain Ohio sports betting bonuses

You can receive your Ohio sports betting bonus quickly in a few minutes. The steps you must take depend on which betting bonus you’re going for and which offers it.

Most betting bonuses are displayed as sign-up offers, ongoing promos, reward program bonuses, or internal competitions. In addition, many are shared on distinct sites that share bonus codes that must be entered into your account.

Different kinds of sports betting bonuses in Ohio


The most common Ohio sports betting bonuses are offered as sign-up offers. Since many sites share the same betting markets and bet types, this is the way they attract bettors to their site over that of their competitors.

Sign-up offers require you to create your account before receiving the bonus. Some may also ask that you deposit into your account.

To sign up for a site, you must show proof of your legal betting age through an official ID. Before confirming your account, you must also have an active email address and a chosen banking method.

Ongoing promos

Once you register your account, you’ll receive occasional ongoing promos within that brand. These could include all types of betting bonuses, including those given out for participating in seasonal promotions and competitions around a particular sport or event.

Popular promos include competitions around the beginning or entirety of a specific season, such as promos and bonuses around the NFL. These are used to get bettors excited about the start or continuation of a specific sport.

Rewards centers

As mentioned earlier, many sites offer rewards programs for bettors to accumulate points. These points are redeemed on certain platforms for different betting bonuses, such as bet credits or cash bonuses.

Internal competitions

Users can access internal competitions, sport-specific contests, and ongoing challenges within that same community. These competitions can bring as many as millions of users together to fund and compete in a contest with a big prize payout.

We’ve seen a season-long $200,000 NFL contest with a $100,000 first prize. This big contest included other, smaller prizes as users participated in keeping them interested and engaged. While this example is season-long, plenty of internal competitions could last as little as one bet, day, or week.

Ohio sports betting promos and bonuses FAQ

Where can I find sportsbook promos and bonuses in Ohio?

You can find them here on this website.

What are the best Ohio sports betting bonus?

Our top Ohio betting bonus is a cash bonus. This is given without a deposit requirement, and if you win your bet, the staked amount is returned to you with your winnings. Other top betting bonuses include bet credits and no-deposit bonuses.

What do I need to get an OH sportsbook promo?

Sportsbook bonuses in Ohio are given when creating a new account or if you are an ongoing sportsbook user. Each betting bonus will also have its own set of requirements, such as depositing a certain amount into your account before accessing the bonus. A bonus referral source may also give you a code to input into your sportsbook account to receive a specific bonus.

Which OH sportsbooks have great bonuses?

BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars Sportsbook all offer great betting bonuses in Ohio. These are licensed sportsbooks with efficient platforms, a strong betting community, and top security.

Can I use more than one OH sportsbook bonus?

Yes, many bettors use multiple Ohio online gambling accounts to take advantage of multiple bonuses. However, you cannot have more than one account per sportsbook.

What betting promo codes are offered in Ohio?

On Ohio Sportsbooks, you can find bet credit insurance, bet credit, deposit, no deposit, matched deposit, and cash bonuses. These come in varying amounts and with differing turnover requirements depending on the sportsbook that is offering them.