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    Online Gambling in Ohio

    In this guide to the best online gambling in Ohio, we offer you a complete overview of the state’s current gambling laws. And also updates on the changes made.

    We inform gamblers of the available alternatives to online casinos, with an FAQ section for the most common questions asked on the topic. We also review and offer recommendations on the available online casinos in Ohio.

    The Best Online Casinos in Ohio will help you find the best online casinos in Ohio. We compare and list the best available online casinos in Ohio and rate their bonuses. This is done for you to get the best experience out of playing online casino games in Ohio. All you need to do is scroll down and find our reviews of the different casinos.

    Best Gambling Sites in Ohio

    Below you’ll find our list comparing the best online gambling sites and online casinos in Ohio.

    CasinoBonusFeaturesGo to casino!
    Draftkings Casino$45 No Deposit Bonus100% Deposit Match up to $1,500
    Fanduel Online CasinoUp to $200 Risk Free Games.500+ Online Casino Games
    Caesars Online Casino100% Deposit Bonus Up To $1,000World Renowned Casino
    BetMGM$25 Free No Deposit Bonus100% Deposit Match up to $1,000
    Golden Nugget Online Casino$10 No Deposit Bonus100% Deposit Match, Up To $1,500

    Online casinos in Ohio 2022

    Do you have questions about online casinos in Ohio? We at are here to sort out the mess. frequently asked questions casino player asks in Ohio is if there are any online casinos in Ohio? Can you play online casino in the state, and what kind of casino games are available in Ohio?

    The Online Casinos in Ohio 2022

    Ohio regulated land-based casinos and racing tracks in 2009, and today the state is home to 11 casinos and racinos.

    The lawmakers are currently discussing an extension of the current gambling bill to include retail sports betting. This has resulted and ended in a debate whether it is the Casino Control Commission or the state Lottery Commission that regulates sports betting.

    Until this is completed, all sports betting is still prohibited in the state. The slow process regarding sports betting in the state has led to slipping behind on other gambling forms.

    Top 5 Online Casinos Ohio

    Below is a list of the 5 best online casinos that we at Gamblingjoker believe will be early to launch in the state. These online casino operators are among the largest in the country when it comes to the number of players and total revenue.

    They offer the best online casino experience for players while also offering great sign-up deals in the shape of bonuses and other offerings.

    CasinoCasino GamesGo to casino!
    Draftkings Casino500+ Online Slots
    Fanduel Online Casino400+ Online Casino Slots
    Caesars Online Casino300+ Online Casino Slots
    BetMGM200+ Casino Slots
    Golden Nugget Online CasinoHundreds of slots

    Draftkings Online Casino – Ohio

    Draftkings online casino has today become one of the USA’s largest operators of online gambling, their sportsbook is the most popular in the country and their online casino is just gaining more and more ground.

    Fanduel Online Gambling OH

    Fanduel is mainly an operator of online sports betting. However, in recent times they have become a factor to be reckoned with in the online casino sphere in several other states. At Fanduel, a player can receive generous promotional offerings and more.

    Caesars Online Casino Site Ohio

    Caesars is a name that has become synonymous with gambling all over the world. They are investing heavily in taking over new markets and also succeed in many cases. At Caesars in Ohio, players will find a wide variety of online casino games and a great experience.

    BetMGM Online Casino Ohio

    BetMGM is today one of the largest online casino operators in the United States. They are owned by the hotel resort chain of the same name. And we believe that they will ascend to become one of the top online casinos in Ohio as soon as it becomes possible.

    Golden Nugget Online Gambling – Ohio

    Golden nugget has today become one of the highest-ranked online casinos in the US. They offer everything from betting to a host of online casino games. When launched in Ohio, they will quickly gain popularity and compete for the ranking as the top online casino in Ohio.

    Can you play Online Casinos in the state today?

    Online casino gambling remains prohibited in the state. Residents must leave the state’s borders for one of the neighboring states, WV, PA, or Michigan, to play online casino games.

    According to federal gambling laws, a player must be within a state’s borders to play at its online casinos. It’s common to travel to states with a more progressive gambling law when you live in a strict gambling state.

    Online Casino Options

    However, it should also be mentioned that the state does not have any specific laws set up to prevent individual players from playing casinos online.

    We do not recommend playing at off-shore casinos.
    This is because they’re based in other countries with lesser or no gambling regulations, which means that they might not pay out your winnings if the operators choose to.

    And you won’t be able to do anything about it.

    Online Casino Games in Ohio?

    Today, there are many online casino games in the potential Ohio online casinos. Most of the online casino games are online versions of existing land-based games. The rules of these games are relatively similar, with a few exceptions.

    • Online Slots Ohio
    • Online Baccarat
    • Blackjack Online Ohio
    • Video Poker and Online Poker
    • Keno and bingo
    • Fantasy Sports and DFS Leagues
    • Other casino table games


    No proposals have yet been made regarding the launch of online casinos in Ohio. This may change over the years with the major digitalization trends that infuse all industries today.

    And has meant that online casino games have taken ever-larger shares of the market than land-based casinos.

    Real Money Online Casino in Ohio

    For players who want to play at online casinos for real money, it is currently prohibited in Ohio if you’re aiming to do so through a state-regulated operator.

    However, We expect this to change soon, and we await a release of real money casinos in Ohio.

    Real Money Online Casinos in Ohio

    The options are small for real money online casinos in Ohio. You can not play at regulated online casinos in Ohio with real money at the moment. But when it becomes possible, we can expect several real money casinos to launch in the state.

    We have chosen to look at a number of different casinos that may be launched in the state. These are the ones that have the greatest influence that can be used to quickly obtain licenses.

    The Probable Real Money Casinos – Ohio 2022

    CasinoReal Money GamesLaunch date in Ohio
    Draftkings Real Money CasinoReal money SlotsTBA
    Fanduel Real Money CasinoBlackjack for real money, and much moreTBA
    Caesars Real Money CasinoReal money Baccarat and much moreTBA
    BetMGM Real Money CasinoReal money Poker and much moreTBA
    Golden Nugget Real Money CasinoReal money Poker and much moreTBA

    Real Money Casino Alternatives

    Although real money casinos are not available in Ohio yet, there are currently available options in the form of sweepstakes casinos or social casinos, as they are also called sometimes.

    This is a form of online casino where you can play with reward points/Sweeps coins in order to circumvent the restrictions set up against online casinos.

    Sweepstakes casinos go under the US sweepstakes law, meaning that players can buy coins that work much like chips or markers and can later exchange them for real money.

    Sweepstakes casinos are available through Facebook and mobile apps. They are top-rated in states where online casino games are restricted where they offer players various forms of bonuses.

    Hollywood Casino Ohio Online

    Hollywood online casino is the online alternative to the Hollywood land-based casinos in Ohio. There, players have the opportunity to try an online-based variant of their slots for free.

    Players can also play and win so-called reward points used at one of Hollywood casino’s land-based venues. Since you do not play for real money but instead with rewards points, you can count Hollywood casino online as a social casino.

    Real Money Casinos in the State Today

    In the classic view of real money online casinos, there is no alternative in Ohio at the moment. This may change over time if lawmakers can come to an agreement.

    This will mean that Ohio will have an accessible and fun industry for its residents and tourists. All that is needed is an internet connection to play casino online. You can play online poker, online slots, blackjack, and baccarat for real money and real money jackpots in legalized states.

    Legal Online Gambling Ohio

    In order to play legal online gambling in Ohio, some things have to fall through. It has taken time to develop the current gambling laws in Ohio.

    This is due to the House of Representatives’ slow legislative process. However, we await some form of gambling being legalized in 2022.

    Online Gambling Regulation is Ongoing

    There are no state-regulated ways to play online in the state right now. The state’s lawmakers are stuck in the discussion regarding sports gambling at retail sportsbooks, which means that online gambling will take even longer.

    But much has happened in recent years, and the state of Ohio only legalized land-based gambling since 2009. However, there is a wave of gambling legalizations sweeping over the various states in the US.

    It’s accelerated by the increased digitalization of modern times. And we believe it may be possible for Ohio residents to play legally and regulated online gambling shortly.

    Legality of Online Gambling in the State

    Online gambling in Ohio is conditionally legal for gamblers, but it is strictly illegal for online gambling operators. Despite this, several different offshore casinos offer online gambling sites to Ohio gamblers. These operations are based in other countries that are outside of US jurisdiction.

    The fact that recreational gambling on such sites does not currently entail any legal consequences. Under current Ohio law, online gambling is only illegal when it is done as a source of income or livelihood. This means that if you do not gamble online as a professional and make a living doing it, you can feel confident that you are within the borders of the law.

    Ohio Online Gambling Laws

    Ohio regulated gambling at land-based casinos in 2009, but there are currently no laws legalizing online gambling. Land-based gambling was legalized and has been changed in several blocks for a long time, and the law is no longer the same as it was in 2009.

    The legal age for gambling can be a bit confusing in Ohio. Some forms of gambling have an age limit of 18 though casino gambling has an age limit of 21.

    Will Online Gambling Legalize in the future?

    We and many more believe that online gambling will be legalized in the future. Today, several states have produced proposals regarding gambling legalizations. These proposals have made the US market one of the fastest-growing globally, and we do not believe that Ohio will be left out of this progress.

    Since online gambling is beneficial tax revenue for the various states.

    FAQ’s About Online Gambling in Ohio

    Is online gambling legal in Ohio?

    Online gambling is not legal through Ohios state regulated facilities. but there are alternatives such as Sweepstakes casinos 

    Can i gamble online with real money in Ohio?

    You can gamble with real money at land-based online casinos in Ohio, and there are workarounds, with no legal repercussions if you want to play online casino games with real money.

    Can I play online slots legally in Ohio?

    Not at state regulated online casinos at the moment. the only “approved” form of workaround is the so called social casinos/sweepstakes casinos.  

    Is online Poker legal in Ohio

    It is not regulated at the moment, but we might see this change in the near future. A good non illegal alternative is the sweepstakes poker app called “Global Poker”. Through this app you can play poker for in game currency that can later be traded for real money.

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