List of all Massachusetts betting sites

Calling all online sports betting enthusiasts in Massachusetts! If you’re searching for the best online sports betting sites in MA, we’ve got plenty of options for you. Our dedicated research team works hard to generate an updated site with information regarding legal sports betting in MA and what applies to mobile sports betting in MA.

Now that MA online betting sites are live, we’ll be offering the best and most trusted options in our complete list of all Massachusetts betting sites.

Top list of all Massachusetts betting sites

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    Sports betting in Massachusetts

    Sports betting in Massachusetts continues to be prohibited for state residents. But with the latest updates regarding sports betting and online sports betting, we are hopefully looking forward to any changes in the law in 2021. Here at, you will find the latest information regarding the update of the current layout of gambling and sports betting in Massachusetts.

    Is sports betting legal in Massachusetts?

    So, you might be one of those who ask – “Is sports betting legal in Massachusetts?”. Then we, unfortunately, have to inform you that at the moment this is not the case. But on the other hand, we can expect a change in 2023. Gov. Charlie Baker was on board regarding an update of the current Massachusetts gambling law in 2020.

    Unfortunately, it ended up with the bill getting stuck and not reaching the endzone. 2023, on the other hand, is probably the year we see the state undergo a major change in retail sports betting. According to the previously presented legislative proposals, it will also include online sports betting. On this site, we inform you about what applies legally, but also what you can expect when online sports betting in Massachusetts legalization is implemented.

    Best MA online betting sites 2023

    In addition to general information regarding MA online sports betting, we also list the best available online sports betting sites in Massachusetts. We conduct a thorough review of each operator to be able to mediate the players to the sites that offer the best bonuses and promotions.

    Benefits of sports betting online

    A large selection

    The number of games to bet on is huge when you choose to place sports bets online.

    The simplicity

    It is now easier than ever to place sports bets online as online betting sites are user-optimized today.

    The availability

    You always have access to your sportsbook when it is hosted on the cloud.

    Online sports betting in MA

    All sports betting in MA is currently restricted, this also means online sports betting in MA. However, as a guide, we want to inform you about what you can expect from online sports betting in MA when it is legalized, which we believe will be during 2023

    The Different betting sites in MA

    Without legalization, no indications have yet been seen as to which of the different online sportsbook operators will launch in MA. But on the other hand, we can look at other states where online sports betting is already legalized, in order to then be able to draw a prediction about what the different betting sites in MA might be.

    Draftkings Sportsbook

    Although based in Boston, MA, they are not yet operational in the state of Massachusetts. Draftkings is today one of the country’s leading online sportsbook operators and is currently operating in 11 states. Where they offer their players a number of events to bet on.

    BetMGM Sportsbook

    BetMGM Is the online sportsbook of the casino giant MGM resort international. The sportsbook is operational in 10 different states where they offer their players thousands of sporting events to bet on.

    FanDuels Sportsbook

    FanDuels first launched in New Jersey when they first regulated online sports betting. Today FanDuels have online betting sites in 9 different states across the US with more to come.

    William Hill Sportsbook

    The British-originated betting giant has operations in loads of countries; the US is not exempt. Where they are active in 8 different states and have a huge number of different national and international sporting events to bet on.

    Online sports betting bonus in MA

    When you place bets online, it is normal that you are offered some form of sign-up bonus. This bonus will be awarded to you when you register on a site. You can then use the bonus as a kind of compliment during your first deposit and thus have a more advantageous starting position. Who will offer online sports betting bonuses in MA is currently not clear since the gambling format has not yet been legalized. But if we look at other states that previously legalized online sports betting, we are able to guess pretty accurately what online sports betting bonuses in MA will look like in the future. Other states that offer sports betting bonuses do so in the form of:

    • Free bets
    • Deposit matches
    • Risk-free bets
    • Deposit bonuses

    Legal sports betting in Massachusetts

    Legal sports betting in Massachusetts is not yet available. However, all US states are currently undergoing a major change when it comes to the previously established gambling laws.

    Times are changing and more and more industries are moving their businesses online, this also applies to legal sports betting in Massachusetts which we believe we can see in the near future. It is a requested service that has been as a legislative proposal before but has not yet been passed.

    Massachusetts sports betting bill

    Unlike legalized sports betting in other states, previous proposals in MA have shown that they plan to allow for all forms of sports betting except sports betting at NCAA events. New Jersey is one other state where sports betting has been banned on NCAA teams. Though in NJ it includes only teams based in the state. We can not yet say if this will be the case when the time comes for the Massachusetts sports betting bill. But it can be a good fact to keep in mind.

    Legal Online sports betting in MA

    In addition to retail sports betting in various brick-and-mortar sports betting venues, the proposed bill would also allow players to place sports bets online, anywhere within the state’s borders. With legal online sports betting in MA, the state will also allow for sports bets to be placed on mobile devices, which enables the market to grow in a different way.

    Players with access to a smartphone will thus be able to have access to legal online sports betting in a less restrictive way. We view this development very positively and believe that MA will be able to become a leading star in the online sports betting industry.

    The West Virginia sports betting legislation has been approved recently, so things are moving forward!

    Sports betting tax in MA

    The proposed bill would tax online sports betting to a degree of 12.5%, while sports bets placed at a retail sportsbook would be taxed at a degree of 10%. This taxation means large revenues for the state’s budget which is a major factor as to why the legislation is being proposed in the first place.

    Legal sports betting age

    The legal gambling ages in Massachusetts are currently 18 years for the lottery, and 21 years for casino gambling. We can therefore expect that the legal sports betting age in Massachusetts will be 21 years old. But nothing has been presented at the moment, and we can therefore not be completely sure of that fact.

    Neighboring legal sports betting states

    Nearby states that have legalized sports betting in the past are New Jersey and Pennsylvania, both of which have had great success since the legalization took place. NJ online sports betting and retail betting had a total handling of $ 931.6 million in November 2020. This was a record month for the state since sports betting was legalized in 2018.

    At the same time, PA online sports betting also had a handle of $ 491.9 which is an increase of over 50% compared to the previous year. This explosion of sports betting revenues in the two states would not have been possible without a legal online sports betting bill because most bets are placed online. The fact that these states have had such success with sports betting has created an incentive for other states such as MA to bring forth their own proposals regarding legal online sports betting.

    Mobile sports betting in MA

    Mobile sports betting actually means that you are able to place online sports bets through one of your mobile devices. Previous proposals regarding sports betting legalization in Massachusetts have also included the legalization of mobile sports betting. Mobile sports betting has become one of the most popular forms of betting today. This is due to the usability when it comes to mobile live betting and the well-developed sports betting apps.

    Mobile live betting

    See the games you bet on! And at the same time place a bet in the middle of the game. A lot of sports betting operators today offer live streams and live betting on various sports. See everything from football, ice hockey, and basketball, to horse racing, dog racing, and Nascar. At the larger online betting sites, you can see the following:

    • NBA, Basketball
    • NHL, Hockey
    • NFL, Football
    • MLB, Baseball
    • MLS, Soccer
    • Nascar, Racing
    • Horse racing and dog racing

    The range of live streams and live betting varies slightly from sportsbook to sportsbook, but in almost all cases, their services work on mobile devices.

    Sports betting Apps

    Several different betting sites in the USA have developed secure and user-friendly sports betting apps that can be downloaded from google play and the iOS app store. These apps are compatible with most different devices that use iOS or android operating systems. And can be expected to be available even in MA when the time comes.

    • Fanduel sportsbook app
    • Draftkings sportsbook app
    • BetMGM sportsbook app
    • William Hill sportsbook app

    FAQ’s Online Sports Betting in MA

    Is betting legal in Massachusetts?

    At the moment, sports betting is not legal in MA, whether it is retail or online sports betting. However, we believe that this may change in the future, as several bills have been proposed.

    What is the legal age of sports betting in Massachusetts?

    The legal age for gambling in the state of Massachusetts is 21 years old.

    Can I bet online on my phone in Massachusetts?

    At the moment you can not, but if the bill passes, it may be possible that mobile sports betting will be allowed. Learn all the dos and donts in our how to bet on sports guide.

    When will sports betting become legalized in MA?

    There may be a possibility that a legalization bill passes in 2021