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    Is Online gambling in Maryland Legal?

    Maryland pushed its land-based gambling legalization in 2010 and since then the gambling industry has exploded in the state. The state is today home to 6 land-based casinos that in 2019 had total revenue of $1.75 billion dollars.

    In November 2020, the state’s residents voted in favor of a bill that would make sports betting legal. The bill has not yet been implemented nor have they decided whether it will apply to online sports betting.

    When it comes to online gambling in Maryland’s legal aspects today, no changes have been officially announced regarding online casinos. In addition to land-based casino gambling, it’s legal to play the lottery and at charitable casinos today, and like all other states, social casinos/sweepstakes casinos are a legal option.

    This is because they operate under a federal sweepstakes law that allows us to gamble online without playing with real money per se.

    We are your Maryland online casino guide!

    Here at, you can find all the information you are looking for regarding online casinos in Maryland, we are your Maryland online casino guide.

    Whatever you are wondering about online casinos in Maryland, our goal is to try to give you the right answer. Whether it’s the legal aspects, how to play online casinos in Maryland, or if you are wondering if you can play real money online casino in Maryland? We will guide you.

    Maryland online casinos

    Below you will find our comparison list of the best online gambling sites in the US. The list presents the bonuses and perks of each gambling site, to find out more information about the providers you can read our review.

    If you are looking for a Maryland online casino option, the market is unfortunately very limited today. The state only legalized land-based casino gambling in 2010 and has not yet legalized online casino gambling.

    However, we and many others believe that Maryland online casinos will be legalized in the near future so that enthusiasts in the state can play Maryland casino online slots and many more gambling options in the near future.

    We at believe that Maryland with its approximately 6 million inhabitants can become a major player when it comes to online casinos.

    Available online gambling in MD

    Maryland has a limited gambling offering. In addition to land-based casino gambling at one of the state’s 6 casinos, only lottery and charitable gambling are allowed.

    Sports betting was legalized in 2020 but has not yet been implemented. But despite the limitations that exist, there are also good options for those who want to gamble online.

    The best option available today is the so-called social casinos or sweepstakes casinos as they are also called. At a sweepstakes casino, a player can gamble for free or for prizes if they so choose.

    Another variant available is the so-called off-shore casinos that are based in countries outside the United States’ jurisdiction. These casinos are not safe to play at as they do not undergo any licensing processes or offer their players any customer securities. We do not recommend our visitors gamble with these operators. Sweepstakes online gambling is the way to go.

    Maryland online social casino

    Online social casinos or sweepstakes casinos as they are also called is a form of Casino that is available in most states in the US. They operate under a federal sweepstakes law which means that in addition to the free games, a player only has the opportunity to play for real money prizes.

    This is done by a player buying an in-game currency also called sweeps coins. These sweeps coins can be used as currency in games, also winnings are paid out in sweeps coins. You can then exchange these sweeps coins for real cash prizes. They are a great option and there are several different online social casino options in Maryland.

    • Chumba
    • Luckyland
    • Funzpoints
    • Global Poker

    Maryland casino online slots

    There are a number of free to play Maryland casino online slots available, as previously mentioned, sweepstakes casino slots have a strong presence in the state and they offer a number of casino online slots.

    Another option is to try casino online slots at the “LIVE! Casino and Hotel ”s free to play website. There they offer a wide range of casino online slots to try out for free.

    Chumba Casino

    Is a social casino or sweepstakes casino as they’re sometimes called allowing Maryland residents to play casino online slots both for free and for sweeps coins. A selection of the slots available at Chumba casino is Western Gold, Reelin n Rockin, Big Goreela, and Stampede Fury.

    In addition to these casino online slots, there’s also the opportunity to play online video poker, online blackjack, and online roulette.

    Luckyland Slots

    Luckyland is another brand that in addition to Chumba is also owned by Virtual Gaming Worlds. They exclusively offer slots and have a great selection of 30+ casino online slots. Luckyland also offers new players a number of advantageous sign-up bonuses.

    Funzpointz casino

    Is another social online casino that offers online gambling in the form of free to play casino games and sweepstakes casino.

    They offer 23 different online casino slots and new ones are released frequently. They offer Maryland gamblers generous bonuses. and if you choose to play with sweeps coins, you can also withdraw the prizes in real money.

    Live! online casino

    Is a strictly free-to-play online casino operated by LIVE! Casino and Hotel, where you can try out the different online versions of the slots that the land-based casino offers.

    Casinos in Maryland

    What land-based casinos are there in Maryland you may ask. There are currently 6 land-based las vegas style casinos where players can play everything from slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette.

    These casinos were allowed to operate in 2010 and the industry has since grown enormously. And unlike many other states in the country, Maryland does not have any tribal casinos, the casinos in Maryland are so-called commercial casinos.

    • Horseshoe Casino Baltimore
    • Hollywood Casino Perryville
    • Rocky Gap Casino Resort
    • MGM National Harbor
    • Maryland Live! Casino
    • Ocean Down

    Maryland online casino sites in the future.

    In the future, in the event of an expansion of the gambling laws in Maryland. We can predict that similar to other states where online casinos have been legalized.

    Those who will be awarded licenses for Maryland online casino sites are the so-called land-based casino operators.

    There are several well-known casino operators in Maryland and in many cases, these already operate online casino sites in other states. This means that they already have the software needed, to launch online casino sites as soon as possible.

    The online casinos in Maryland we can expect are:

    CasinoOnline Casino
    Horseshoe Casino BaltimoreCaesars online casino and sportsbook
    Hollywood Casino PerryvilleHollywood online casino
    Rocky Gap Casino ResortGolden nugget online casino
    MGM National HarborBetMGM online casino
    Maryland Live! CasinoLive! online casino
    Ocean Downunknown

    Legal online gambling in Maryland

    Gambling in Maryland was previously strictly forbidden but has today become a more liberal cause. Which has led to Maryland legalizing gambling in 2010 with great success.

    Since gambling became a legal industry, a number of progressive changes have taken place. The latest event is that the state voted to legalize sports betting in 2020. With the progressive gambling wave sweeping across the state, we can expect MD to also develop into a legal online gambling state in the future.

    Legal online gambling in Maryland is being accelerated due to the rapidly increasing digitalization that is taking place right now, but also due to the covid-19 pandemic.

    Maryland gambling age

    The legal age for gambling in the state is 21 years old, and this is an age we can expect for legal online gambling in Maryland in the future. There may be deviations in this, but it is probably 21 years we will see as an age limit.

    Maryland gaming commission

    Is the state commission that has been given the mandate to license and regulate all forms of gambling in the state.

    The Maryland gaming commission will handle the legalization of sports betting and any potential online sports betting as well as online casino gambling in the future. These assignments are performed after the Maryland House of Representatives passes a new gambling bill.

    Maryland gambling tax

    Maryland has a tax rate on gambling of 8.75%. We do not know what this tax rate may look like when it comes to online gambling or sports betting as this has not yet been decided. But hopefully, the Maryland gambling tax will remain the same, this is a low tax rate when compared to other states such as NJ online casino tax or PA online casino tax rates.

    Real money online casino in Maryland

    Many players are wondering what it may come to look like with real money online casinos in Maryland are available. A common question is what payment options there will be and also what bonuses real money online casinos may offer.

    Payment options – Maryland online casinos

    At all real money online casinos, you will find different payment methods that differ in user-friendliness, speed, and method. On our website, we only talk about secure payment methods. Below you will find information about 4 of the most popular payment methods for real money online casinos currently offered in previous legalized US gambling states.

    Online casino with credit and debit cards

    Despite the emergence of new payment methods. VISA, Mastercard, and American Express bank cards are still popular with US gamblers. This payment method allows you to make deposits and withdrawals easily and securely.

    Online casino with PayPal

    This payment method will allow you to make secure payments at online casinos in Maryland. In order to deposit money into a casino account or to withdraw your winnings with PayPal, you need to enter your email address and approve the transaction via the same email address.


    Allows gamblers to deposit their money quickly and efficiently through retail stores such as 7-Eleven.

    ACH transfers

    Is a popular bank to bank transfer method that is used today by many to pay bills, among other things. The method is safe as it is implemented via the banks’ security systems.

    Withdrawal options

    The withdrawal methods offered are often the same as those offered when depositing. The most common withdrawal method is that you choose exactly the same as you deposited money on. Then the information is already registered by the online casino and you do not need to enter any new information. However, in some cases, it may be convenient to choose another method of withdrawal. This is also possible even though it is not that common.

    Maryland online casino signup bonus

    When you play online casinos for real money, you are usually offered some form of bonus or promotion when registering the account. These generous bonuses are offered in a number of different ways and it is up to you, what you think suits you best. The offers that will be available are usually:

    • Deposit Bonuses
    • Free spins
    • Cashbacks
    • No deposit bonus/deposit bonuses

    Bonus Terms and conditions

    There are many different types of deals to keep track of. The online casinos continue to compete to offer the best bonuses and new variants of online casinos are constantly emerging to outperform competitors and attract more players. In general, you will find all the necessary information in the terms and conditions section of each online casino. But when the casino bonuses go live, we will go through them in detail as well.

    FAQ’s About Online Gambling in Maryland

    Is online gambling legal in Maryland?

    At the moment, online casino gambling is illegal in Maryland, the only legal options in the state are online pari-mutuel betting and social casinos. 

    Can i play real money casino games in Maryland?

    There’s no legal real money casino gambling in the state at the moment. The only options are the social casinos where you gamble with “coins”.

    Can i play online casino slots in Maryland

    If you want to play for free there’s a plethora of options, but if you want to win prizes with a real world value your only option is the sweepstakes casino slots. 

    Can I play online poker in Maryland

    Only for free, no online poker with real money is offered in the state.

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