List of all Indiana betting sites 2023

We provide our visitors with the complete list of all Indiana betting sites in 2023. After your own needs, you can compare the list and find the best Indiana sportsbooks with the best sports betting promos for you to claim when signing up.

Best Indiana online sports betting sites

DraftKings List of all Indiana betting sites DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $150
  • Multiple in-game bonuses
  • Great VIP program
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Caesars List of all Indiana betting sites Caesars Sportsbook Up to $1,500 in bet credits Visit Caesars
Betway List of all Indiana betting sites Betway Sportsbook Up to $250 in bonus bets Visit Betway
FanDuel List of all Indiana betting sites FanDuel Sportsbook Bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets Visit FanDuel
BetRivers List of all Indiana betting sites BetRivers Sportsbook Get up to $500 in bonus bets
  • Great bonus terms
  • Excellent loyalty program
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WynnBET List of all Indiana betting sites WynnBET Sportsbook Bet $100, get $100 Visit WynnBET

    Online sports betting in Indiana

    Since the legalization of online sports betting in Indiana was implemented, the state’s residents have had the opportunity to place online sports bets freely. The state’s betting sites have had a total handle of $ 2.5 billion since 2019, the third-highest handle after NJ online sports betting and PA online sports betting.

    Indiana Online betting sites

    There is now a wide range of online betting sites in Indiana where players have the opportunity to bet on sports. There are ten online sportsbooks in Indiana, with more upcoming launches in the future. Kentucky sports betting has a similarly wide range of betting sites!

    Our job at Gamblinjoker is to help our visitors navigate around the online sports betting market in Indiana so that they can have the best possible online sports betting experience. Here’s a list of all betting sites in the US, and these are the available online betting sites in Indiana today:

    • DraftKings Online Sportsbook
    • FanDuel Online Sportsbook
    • BetRivers Online Sportsbook
    • BetMGM Online Sportsbook
    • PointsBet Online Sportsbook
    • Unibet Online Sportsbook
    • Caesars Online Sportsbook
    • BetAmerica Online Sportsbook
    • theScore Online Sportsbook
    • William Hill Online Sportsbook

    Best online sports betting in Indiana

    We at Gamblingjoker have a long experience and a lot of love for online sports betting. We want to share this love with our visitors, and we want to help them find the best online sports betting sites in Indiana today. Therefore we review and rank these online sports betting sites so that our visitors can quickly and easily find the best possible site for them.

    Online sports betting siteBonusGo to the betting site!
    DraftkingsUp to $1,025Play now
    Fanduel$1000Play now
    BETMGM$500Play now
    BetRivers$500Play now
    PointsBet$400Play now
    Unibet$400Play now
    Caesars$800Play now
    BetAmerica$400Play now
    theScore$700Play now
    William Hill$900Play now

    Indiana online sports betting

    Online sports betting has taken Indiana by storm since its legalization in 2019. State residents now have the opportunity to place legal sports bets on their favorite teams and favorite sports in various popular ways, such as live sports betting which has taken the country by storm since its introduction.

    Legal online sports betting in Indiana

    Indiana became a legal sport betting state in 2019 when bipartisan lawmakers passed legislation that would make both retail and online sports betting legal in the state. The governor signed the bill, and since then, sports betting in its various forms has developed explosively in the state. There are currently ten online betting sites active, with more launches expected in the future.

    Future of online sports betting in Indiana

    The sports betting bill states that the state’s 13 casinos and three off-track betting facilities have the opportunity to apply for three sportsbook licenses. Thus the state can one day become home to a total of 48 regulated online betting sites. So, to sum up, we can say that Indiana online sports betting has a bright future.

    Sports to bet on online – Indiana

    For the residents of Indiana who are interested in sports, there are many alternatives for enthusiasts to place online sports bets on these sports. Bettors can wager on everything from pro league sports to semi-pro leagues. What sets Indiana sports betting apart from many other states is that it is legal to place bets on college sports (NCAA), which is restricted in many other states today.

    • Auto Racing: Nascar, Formula one
    • Baseball: MLB, Minor League Baseball, NCAA
    • Basketball: NBA, NCAA
    • Boxing
    • Football: NFL, NCAA Football
    • Hockey: NHL, NCAA Hockey
    • MMA: UFC
    • Soccer: MLS, NCAA, and loads of International leagues as well

    These are just some of the most popular sports and leagues eligible for online sports betting in Indiana. There are hundreds more, especially outside the US.

    Teams to bet on

    Indiana is home to several sports teams that are possible to bet on for die-hard fans. The most popular teams in the state are:

    • Indianapolis Colts – NFL
    • Indiana Pacers – NBA
    • Indianapolis Indians – Baseball
    • Notre Dame – college football and basketball

    It is also worth mentioning that Indiana has a very popular motorsport scene where betting on the Indy 500, Nascar, and Formula One is extremely popular.

    Best Indiana Online betting sites

    When choosing a sportsbook to bet on, it is essential that you feel confident with your choice so that you can say that you have selected the best online sportsbook. In Indiana, there are several to choose from, but which online sportsbook is the best? It is a question many ask themselves. Therefore, our team takes on the task of looking at the most critical aspects of an online sportsbook to rank these in our lists of the best online betting sites in Indiana. We look at things like which online sportsbook offers the best security features, best communication, the best range of betting options, fast money transactions, and mobile optimization.

    List of all Indiana betting sites

    • DraftKings Sportsbook
    • FanDuel sportsbook
    • BetRivers sportsbook
    • BetMGM sportsbook
    • PointsBet sportsbook
    • Unibet sportsbook
    • Caesars sportsbook
    • BetAmerica sportsbook
    • theScore sportsbook
    • William Hill sportsbook

    Best online sports betting sites in Indiana

    We help you find the best online sports betting site through our guides and lists. A player can feel confident with an online sports betting site. All people are different and have different preferences for finding a new sportsbook, so we choose to look at the most important factors so that you as a player do not have to.

    The best online sports betting sites in Indiana:

    • DraftKings sports betting site
    • FanDuel sports betting site
    • BetRivers sports betting site
    • BetMGM sports betting site
    • PointsBet sports betting site
    • Unibet sports betting site
    • Caesars sports betting site
    • BetAmerica sports betting site
    • theScore sports betting site
    • William Hill sports betting site

    Best online sports betting bonuses in Indiana

    The majority of sports betting sites in Indiana offer welcome bonuses to get new customers to open an account. If you search for bonuses on the internet, you will be provided with lots of different bonuses and odds boosts, and it is not easy to get a good overview of them all. Therefore, we look at all the bonuses that the various online sports betting sites in Indiana offer and collect them so that you don’t have to search.

    We help you find the best bonuses in Indiana 2023

    We list all the different types of bonuses that online sports betting sites in Indiana offers. Below you will find a list and a brief description of all the various welcome bonuses that online sports betting sites offer in Indiana.

    There are several different forms of bonuses at Indiana online sports betting sites:

    • Deposit Bonuses (Percentage)
    • Risk-free bets
    • Free bets
    • No deposit bonus

    Deposit Bonuses (Percentage) – Indiana

    A deposit bonus usually includes an added percentage of your first deposit and can range from 25% up to 500%. A deposit that is matched with 100% is called a matched bonus.

    Risk-free bets – Indiana

    Another common type of free bet is a risk-free bet. With this type of free bet, you need to place a bet with your own money. If you win, you keep all the winnings, just like in a regular game. Should you lose, on the other hand, you will get back the stake that you entered in the risk-free bet. Your bet is then again on your account, which means that you are playing a risk-free game.

    Free bets – Indiana

    Free bets are a popular form of welcome bonus for new customers. A free bet means that the online sports betting site offers you a sum of money you can wager with at their sportsbook. If you take advantage of this welcome bonus and win your bet, you will retain the winnings but not the original welcome bonus. In some cases, your winnings are returned without any requirements, but some online betting sites in Indiana may also require you to turn over your winnings before you can make a withdrawal.

    No deposit bonus – Indiana

    A no-deposit bonus means “free money” for new players who register with an online sports betting site in Indiana. As the name implies, you do not need to deposit any money to receive the bonus. These free no deposit bets are popular in that they are, in fact, free, and you do not have to risk your own money. The amount of free games without a deposit tends to vary but is usually relatively low.

    Indiana live sports betting

    One of the most popular features of online sports betting sites in Indiana is Live sports betting. Just as it sounds, it is a service that offers the customer to place a bet while the game is in progress. The great interest in live sports betting has resulted in online betting sites continually working to develop and maximize the service for you. Today, online sports betting sites offer you detailed statistics during the games, which will help improve your chances of becoming a winner. Some betting sites also give you the opportunity to live-stream games on their websites or apps, something that has become a huge success in Indiana.

    Why live sports betting in Indiana?

    If you follow a game in person, on TV, or via an Indiana online sports betting site, you have probably experienced cases where you think you know how the game will develop. Live betting is then an excellent alternative for you to use your knowledge in the sport. The majority of betting sites handle live odds manually, which means that their view of the game does not always correspond to what you think will happen in the game. Take advantage of your knowledge of the sport and bet on live odds that you feel are underrated.

    Live streams betting in Indiana

    The majority of Indiana customers who choose to bet live on a game do so simultaneously as they follow the game live. Some of the sportsbook operators have managed to get the rights to broadcast selected games and sports directly on their websites. However, for you to take part in a live stream, it is usually required that you have money in your account. Besides some online betting sites offering customers a chance to watch games live, they also allow you to follow the game in-play, meaning that you get detailed statistics during the game. This type of information can be beneficial when making your choice.

    Popular live betting – Indiana

    The range of different forms of live betting varies. Depending on how closely the game is monitored, the betting companies decide which types of betting forms you can live bet on. In most cases, gaming companies have many betting forms to choose from, but there are cases where you can only choose from a few. This usually happens during games in the lower divisions or in less popular sports. However, in the games that get more attention, you’ll have a great variety of betting forms to choose from.

    Learn more about sports betting in other states:

    Mobile sports betting IN

    Today, it is crucial that an online-based business has a mobile-adapted design. This is because a large majority of web users use their mobile devices to access the internet. Today, Mobile sports betting is a significant factor in the online sports betting industry. Players appreciate the freedom to place sports bets and then keep track of these sports bets wherever they are, which has not previously been possible on a desktop at home.

    Best online sports betting app – Indiana

    Most industries today are digitalized, and online sports betting is no exception. Today, it is essential that an online sportsbook has a mobile-adapted website, but best of all, it should have a functional, user-friendly betting app. An app allows a player to keep track of their sports bets and also place new sports bets during all hours of the day within the boundaries of the Indians. These apps are available on most devices powered by Android and iOS operating systems.

    Best online sports betting apps in Indiana today

    AppOperative systemGo to betting sites!
    DraftKings appiOS & AndroidPlay now
    FanDuel appiOS & AndroidPlay now
    BetRivers appiOS & AndroidPlay now
    BetMGM appiOS & AndroidPlay now
    PointsBet appiOS & AndroidPlay now
    Unibet appiOS & AndroidPlay now
    Caesars appiOS & AndroidPlay now
    BetAmerica appiOS & AndroidPlay now
    theScore appiOS & AndroidPlay now
    William Hill appiOS & AndroidPlay now

    Indiana online sports betting guide

    When it comes to online sports betting, and you are a beginner, there are several aspects to consider before getting started. How to register an account, what transfer methods are available, choosing the best bonus, etc. We help you get started with online sports betting in Indiana in a general 5 step guide.

    Register at Indiana online sports betting sites

    First of all, you need to choose which Indiana online sportsbook or sports betting site you want to register at. When you select an online sports betting site, we recommend looking at our ranking and what remarks we have made regarding the specific online sports betting site.
    To register on the online sports betting site, there is always a button on the site called something like “register here” or “sign-up”. When you press this button, you will be transferred to a form where you must fill in personal information such as name, address, email, etc. Fill in this information and then choose a username and password. After that, you are registered on the online sports betting site.

    Choose Indiana online sports betting bonus

    Once you have chosen which online sports betting site in Indiana, you want to join. It is also beneficial to choose a bonus to take advantage of. All sites offer different bonuses to new members, and it’s the sportsbook’s way of competing with each other and getting you to sign up with them. The bonuses are usually chosen in connection with the registration and first deposit. We recommend our players read the fine print under terms and conditions when selecting a bonus because many bonuses come with different requirements.

    The most common sports betting bonuses in Indiana are:

    • Deposit Bonuses
    • Risk-free bets
    • Free bets
    • No deposit bonus

    Deposit – Indiana online sports betting

    When you then deposit money at an online sports betting site that you have chosen, there are several different quick deposit methods you can choose from. You should select a method that is both fast and secure. A method you have used in previous online transactions is preferable.
    Some of the deposit methods available in Indiana are:

    • Credit cards and debit cards.
    • PayPal deposit.
    • Bank deposit.
    • PayNearMe at seven eleven.

    Place bets – Indiana online sports betting

    After you have deposited money into your account and taken advantage of your bonus, just bet away. When you place sports bets in Indiana, we recommend that you bet on sports and teams you have good knowledge of. This reduces the risks of you losing a bet.


    When you feel that you have finished betting, it is time to withdraw your winnings. By law, an Indiana online sports betting operator must withhold part of your winnings for tax purposes, this is called a “hold”. When you want to withdraw your winnings in cash, you can usually use the same methods you deposited the money with. Some differences may occur.

    FAQ’s About Online Sports Betting in Indiana

    Is sports betting legal in Indiana?

    Yes, it is, since May 2019 online sports betting in Indiana is legalized..

    Is there Indiana live sports betting?

    Yes, a number of select online betting sites offer live sports betting.

    What is the legal age for sports betting in Indiana?

    The legal age for sports betting in Indiana is 21 years old.

    Which sports can I bet on in Indiana?

    The number of sports you can bet on online in the state of Indiana is long. The only restriction is the number of sports offered at the chosen online sportsbook.