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Georgia online casino and gambling sites. Here you’ll be able to find the latest news regarding all online gambling and also the best Georgia online casino that might be released in the peach state.

    Best GA online casinos 2024

    Only sweepstakes online casinos are live in Georgia at the moment

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    Online gambling in Georgia

    Georgia is at the moment one of the strictest states when regarding gambling in the US. Although the laws are strict, there’s no legal consequences for individuals. The state has no regulated land-based gambling at the moment, however, there is a bill regarding the legalization and opening of 2 land-based casinos. But nothing is clear at the moment.

    We have had a positive development in 2021 when a bill regarding online sports betting was passed by the state’s government. But regarding to other forms of gambling The only thing we can do at the moment, is to guess what a possible future regarding online gambling in Georgia might look like.

    Your guide to online casino gambling in GA

    We at gamblingjoker aim to be a guide for online casinos and gambling throughout the United States, therefore we try to convey information to you regarding possible outcomes in GA. Even though they might never legalize all forms of gambling. When it’s time for online gambling in GA, we will be prepared with a guide to the best online casinos in Georgia 2021, also how to go about playing real money online casinos in georgia. And much much more.

    The best online casinos in Georgia

    Below is the list we will populate in the coming possible legalization of online casinos in Georgia. We will base the list on the criteria we have set for online casinos to be classified as the best online casinos in Georgia. We do this so that the Georgians can have the best online casino experiences.

    Georgia Online Gambling

    The latest news from Georgia regarding online gambling is that online sports betting and mobile sports betting is legalized since 2021. But we are still very restricted when it comes to Georgia online casino gambling.
    We believe that we will have more variants of online gambling legalized in the coming years. Following the legalization of online wagering.

    Georgia online sports betting

    The only forms of online gambling that has been legalized in Georgia so far is Online sports betting and DFS. A bill regarding online wagering and mobile wagering in Georgia was passed in February 2021. You can read more about this on our assigned Georgia Online Sports Betting page.

    Online gambling in Georgia 2021

    Although the latest legalization, state lawmakers have not made any progress regarding online casino gambling. We believe this is something that will change in the future with the wave of online gambling sweeping across the US, even in the most restrictive states.

    Many Georgia residents already gamble online, but do so on offshore gambling sites. This means that the state loses large tax revenues, this is one of the major reasons for looking at a legalization.

    Georgia online gambling in the future

    If online gambling is legalized in Georgia, a whole new industry will open up for the Peach state’s 10 million residents. The state government will see a positive development with tax revenues that will be collected. And another major reason why we believe in a future legalization of online gambling in the state is the wave of digitalisation that is sweeping through all industries today. In addition, the Covid 19 pandemic also pushes many industries to digitalizing because we have to social-distance ourselves in order to stop the future spreading of the virus.

    Possible online gambling operators in Georgia

    If we look at other states, the casinos in the table below have been quick to launch both online casinos sites in the various states. We at Gamblingjoker believe that these are the first 5 that will launch their gambling operations earliest in Georgia depending on what a legalization might look like.

    Possible online gambling sites in Georgia

    CasinoForms of gamblingCasino Bonuses
    DraftKings online casinoOnline casino gamesYes
    BetMGM online casinoOnline casino gamesYes
    Golden Nugget online casinoOnline casino gamesYes
    Fox Bet online casinoOnline casino gamesYes
    The Caesars online casinoOnline casino gamesYes

    Best Georgia Online Casinos 2021

    The online casino market can seem quite overwhelming and for those who are unfamiliar, we will guide you to sort out any questions you might have when Georgia legalizes online casinos. We will advise on the best online casinos in Georgia and take you through a number of questions regarding how to choose the best online casino sites in Georgia 2021.

    Finding the best online casino site in Georgia

    There are a lot of casino sites on the internet that market themselves as legal in Georgia. These casinos are usually based outside the United States and are not subject to US law. You should avoid playing at these sites as you have no security guarantees at these offshore casinos. We will only list the best licensed online casinos in Georgia, for when they become legalized.

    The best online casinos in Georgia 2021

    If the legalization of online casinos in other states is an indication of how things will look like for online casinos in Georgia, it looks very bright. We have seen several successful launches in recent times and expect that the industry will continue to grow and the operators will only get better, throughout 2021.

    Best mobile casinos in Georgia

    Above all, we see a lot of continued improvements on the mobile front at established online casinos in other states. In recent years, casino gambling mobile devices have more than doubled and make up a large part of all casino gambling in the United States. This will of course play a crucial role in which operators will succeed in Georgia.

    If they do not succeed in standing out and delivering an online casino that works like a charm regardless of device or screen size, the casino operator will quickly fall into oblivion.

    Compare the best online casinos in Georgia

    What is the best casino site is of course an individual question, and therefore we have designed our casino lists so that you can easily compare online casinos according to what you think is important. What might be good to look at before choosing a casino site in Georgia is the following:

    Evaluate the choice of casino games

    – Is the type of casino game you are interested in offered? For example, slots, live games or jackpots. If you have any favorites you can read more about them in or game reviews.

    Trial play or casino demo

    – Does the online casino even let you test a demo version of the games? It can be both fun and a smart move to test new games before you place a bet.

    Review payment methods

    – Is it possible to pay and withdraw winnings with the exact payment method you intend to use?

    Check out the casino bonuses

    – Many online casinos in Georgia will offer the same games and payment methods, so maybe it will be the bonus that decides which online casino you choose. The bonuses are usually money or free spins but differ in size and number.

    Once you have found one or a couple of online casinos that have everything you want, we recommend that you click around on the online casino site and find out if you like what you see. How is the layout, usability and speed? Hopefully you like what you see and can let the entertainment begin!

    Georgia Casino Reviews

    In order to be able to find the best online casino in Georgia in the future, we will do the hard work through independent casino reviews, and highlight the most important things. This way you avoid spending unnecessary time on a casino site which then turns out to be completely wrong for you.

    We find the Best Georgia online casinos

    We always strive to provide an objective view of the best online casinos that we evaluate and do not allow ourselves to be influenced by any outside party. This is why you can trust that our casino reviews are correct and that the casino rating you see gives a fair picture when you are looking for the best online casino that is offered to us players.

    Fresh Casino Reviews of the Best Georgia online casinos

    We update Gamblingjoker daily and thus keep the information about the best Georgia online casinos brand new. We will add new sites that stand out and of course take account all new pages that may be legalized.

    In our reviews you will find information about each online casino and the type of games they offer. You can quickly get an overview of the online casino’s payment methods, jackpot games and what bonus they offer.

    We stay updated on the casino industry

    We constantly have our ear to the ground and have an exclusive insight into the gambling industry so that we can quickly be involved when online casinos in Georgia are legalized. Our crew do not think that financial muscle should determine how many gamblers a new casino site manages to recruit. It should be how you care about us who gamble and the offered casino games that determine how new online casinos succeed.

    How we’ll pick the best Georgia online casino

    There are several things we look at when we pick an online casino that we call the best. How was the response in the casino site’s chat support? Is telephone support possible? How fast did it take for the online casino to make a withdrawal to our account? What games does the casino site in question offer? What does the casino bonus look like? Which online casino has the best payout? Everything that contributes to the experience counts.

    In general, we can say that simplicity and speed give high grades. But it is in the small details that you find the strengths and weaknesses, which is why we always do a thorough review of the online casino before setting a score.

    Choosing the best casino bonus

    To give an example of what we take into account, say a deposit bonus. We look at the following: A large bonus amount does not necessarily mean that the casino site offers the best bonus, there are several other criteria that are important. For example, we take into account wagering requirements, deposit limits and the simplicity for the gamblers to keep track of how close they actually are to the free amount. Everything contributes to the total score we then give to future Georgia online casinos.

    Real Money online casinos Georgia

    Are you wondering how to play online casinos with real money in the event of a legalization? We answer the most common questions people ask when it comes to real money online casinos in Georgia. We do this In order for Georgia’s residents to understand what applies in the event of a possible legalization of online casino gambling with real money in Georgia.

    Possible Real Money Casinos in Georgia

    If we get the legalization of online casinos in Georgia, the various operators will fight to establish themselves in the state. But at the moment, we can only guess who will launch first, though if we look at other states, the following casino operators will be early to launch their operations in Georgia. Visit the list of all online casinos where you can use real money.


    Draftkings online casino is operational in almost every state where online gambling is legalized today. They offer a huge range of different casino games, such as slots, roulette, blackjack and video poker.


    You can play online casinos and wager through BetMGM in several states today, Georgia will probably not be an exception as BetMGM is one of the largest gambling operators in the United States.

    Golden Nugget

    The Golden Nugget is currently operational in NJ online casino and in Michigan online casinos and we hope that GA can be one of the states we in the future see the Golden Nugget operational in. They offer a good online casino selection with over 700 slots, 17 + video poker games, 45+ table games, and more than fifteen live dealer games.

    Fox Bet

    Fox bet is mainly an online bookie but they also offer an online casino with a number of different gambling options.

    The Caesars

    The Caesars casinos are a well known name in the gambling industry, and they are now starting to make their way to the online market. The online casino offers almost 600 online casino games but also an extensive sportsbook.

    Registering at the Georgia online casino

    After you have chosen one of the casinos that we list, it is time to create a personal account on the site. To do this, click on the registration button. This is often very visible on the page and is called something like register here, or join now. You will then be taken to a page where you will need to enter an email address, a password and personal information, such as date of birth, home address and first and last name. It is very important that the information you fill in is correct. All information is securely stored with the real money casino operators that we recommend and you therefore not have to worry about your personal integrity.

    Real Money Deposits

    To gamble with real money at an online casino in Georgia, you need to make a deposit after your account is created. There are usually several different payment methods that you can use to do this. The most common options for Americans are PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.

    PayPal real money casino in Georgia

    If you would like to deposit real money with PayPal, this is also possible on some sites. As not all casinos offer this payment method, we have therefore created a separate page with reviews of PayPal casinos.

    Fast real money deposits in GA

    Regardless of which payment method you decide to use, you can count on the money being available in your account very fast when you make the real money deposit. The exception is if you choose to make a traditional bank transfer as this can take a couple of working days.

    Different real money deposit methods offered at online casinos in GA

    • Credit and debit cards.
    • PayPal deposits.
    • Bill pay and bank deposits.
    • ACH transfers.
    • PayNearMe payments
    • Casino cashier cage deposits

    Choose the best real money online casino bonuses

    When you make your deposit, you as a new gambler always have the opportunity to take advantage of a welcome offer. At some casinos there is only one to choose from, while at other sites you have several casino bonuses to choose from. It can be anything from a regular welcome bonus to a live bonus, mobile bonus or reload bonus.

    Real money bonuses in Georgia

    Taking advantage of a real money bonus is usually a very good way to get extra value and more money to play for. However, it is important to choose the bonus that is right for you. All bonuses come with certain rules and conditions that you need to follow.

    Among other things, there is a wagering requirement, which means that you need to play through the bonus amount you receive a certain number of times before you can request a withdrawal. It is not always that all games count towards this wagering requirement, but you choose e.g. a live bonus, it may be that only games at the live casino are counted. It is therefore always important to read the terms and conditions of the bonus before making your choice.

    Find the best real money casino games in Georgia

    Once you have received your money and chosen the bonus that suits you the best, it’s time to head over to the games and start the entertainment! We do not know exactly if there will be any discrepancies in the regulation regarding online casino gambling in Georgia at the moment.

    But we can assume that there is a wide range of different games to choose from, such as lots of real money slots, several real money table games, real money poker rooms, real money bingo rooms and much more.

    Casino bonuses:

    Real money live casino games in Georgia

    If you are looking for great table games, it’s good to know that there are live casinos in several other states. In this section you can play Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, etc. and get a real casino experience and be able to win real money.

    With the help of a video stream, you have real dealers talking to you and real tables that you play at, which gives the same wonderful atmosphere as when visiting a land-based casino.

    Other real money casino games are

    • Real money online slots
    • Video poker games with real money
    • Real money Blackjack
    • Real money Roulette
    • Baccarat

    Real money withdrawals from the online casino

    Once you have played for a while and managed to hit the long-awaited big win, you are probably interested in making a withdrawal from your Georgia real money online casino.

    You do this very quickly and easily, but it is important to know that not all the payment methods that were available at the deposit are available at withdrawal. However, in situations where the same methods are available, we recommend that you use these methods, as you will not have to enter additional information.

    Learn more about other states:

    Online Gambling Laws in Georgia

    Georgia has a very strict legalization when it comes to all forms of gambling, this means online and land based casino gambling.
    However, the state does not currently pursue individuals that participate in gambling, which has led to a number of residents turning to off-shore casinos to gamble..

    Online gambling laws in Georgia

    When a large portion of the state’s residents turned to offshore online gambling, the state lost large sums of tax revenue. This led to the proposal of a bill regarding online betting being passed. At present, however, the details of the law governing this are not yet clear, since this information is so fresh but we can expect this gambling form to be released sometime in late 2021.

    Online casino laws in Georgia

    Nothing has yet been discussed regarding the release of legal online casino gambling in Georgia. But we remain hopeful that legalization may be implemented in the future. Then the benefits are many.

    Pros of legal online casinos in Georgia

    In our opinion, the following are the biggest advantages of legal online casinos in Georgia.

    • State regulated.
    • Tax revenues to Georgia.
    • Not supporting online casinos in other countries.
    • Customer security assurance.
    • Reliable handling of customer data and information.

    PASPA has allowed for legalization of online gambling

    Since PASPA was overturned in the Supreme Court in 2018, it opened up for the various states in the United States to create their own laws regarding gambling. Today we can see that several states have legalized online casinos and gambling with Georgia as the latest addition.

    FAQ’s About Online Gambling in Georgia

    Is online gambling legal in Georgia?

    At the moment, the only form of online gambling that is legalized in Georgia is online sports betting.

    Can i gamble online in Georgia?

    There are no legal alternatives to online gambling in Georgia other than online sports betting. Although you are able to gamble on off-shore casinos, you’ll not be doing it legally. And we want to dissuade from this.

    What is the best online casino in Georgia?

    At the moment there are no established online casinos in Georgia, however, we hope that in the near future we can answer your question regarding the best online casino in Georgia.

    What’s the Georgia online gambling tax rate?

    The federal gambling tax rate is at 24%. However, there are differences from state to state and we cannot yet say whether Georgia will deviate from this.