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Fully Legalized Online Gambling States 2022

New Jersey

NJ online casino – Legalization Year 2018

  • – Great retail gambling
  • – Quick withdrawals
  • – US License


PA online casino – Legalization Year 2019

  • – Betting and casino
  • – 10+ operators
  • – US License


Sports betting in Arizona – Legalization Year 2021

  • – Fast growing market
  • – Tribal brands
  • – Licensed for betting

New York

NY sports betting – Legalization Year 2022

  • – Biggest betting market
  • – 9 licenses
  • – US License

Pros of gambling online in the states


Thousands of Games

Access thousands of different games at online gambling sites from dozens of developers around the globe.



Whether you’re in bed or at the store, you are able to play online anywhere and at anytime!


Open 24/7

The gambling site and the world wide web is open 24 hours a day. Even during weekends and holidays!

Online gambling in the USA 2022

Although The Federal Wire Act of 1961 prohibits you from gambling across state lines, there are many options in several states at the moment, and this number is rapidly growing.
Usually, the online casino gamblers in a state are not pursued by law enforcement in any way. The law enforcement agencies focus on prosecuting the arrangers of illegal casinos instead.

Know the current gambling laws of your state

Although more and more states are legalizing, it is still vital for you as a gambler to be aware of the states current laws that you plan to online gamble in.


Where can i gamble online in the USA?

Multiple online casinos offer American citizens the opportunity to gamble online in different states where gambling has been legalized. In some states, you may gamble freely, and in others, you may only participate in select forms of gambling. Some states may allow online casinos and online poker but prohibit sports betting. While other states may allow sports betting but ban online casinos and so on.


What kind of online gambling can i do in the USA?

The different types of online gambling that are legal in the USA vary. These include slot machines and table games, online betting, online poker, and online lotteries. And therefore, online gambling is divided into three categories according to the state legislators. These categories are online casinos, online poker, and online sports betting.


Is it legal to gamble online in the USA?

The legalization of online gambling works the same way any other kind of gambling legalization in the USA. A state government passes a bill to allow certain types of games to be played online. Those games are then regulated the same way as the games at a land-based casino would be. The laws regarding online gambling in the USA are still in their early stages. They undergo constant modifications, also substantial changes.


Why is it best for me to use Gambling Joker?

Our job at Gambling Joker is to review and rank United States online casinos where online gambling is legal. So that you can participate in online gambling with the best deals for the players. We follow and stay updated on the states that are looking to regulate and legalize online gambling. There are a number of states in the USA that allow for all forms of online gambling to this date.

List of States where online gambling is legal in the US


New Jersey

At the moment NJ, is the largest regulated online casino market in the USA. The New Jersey online Gambling laws allow for online casinos, online poker, and online sports betting.



The different types of online gambling that are legal in the USA vary. These include slot machines and table games, online betting, online poker, and online lotteries. And therefore, online gambling is divided into three categories according to the state legislators. These categories are online casinos, online poker, and online sports betting.



Arizona online casino gambling is legal and has launched in the Grand Canyon state in 2021.



was the last state to fully legalize online gambling. The operators went live on January 21st, 2021. Check out the best Michigan online casino here.



Maine has a fully legal casino establishment. Click here Maine online casinos to find the best online casino for your taste!

North Dakota

These North Dakota sports betting and North Dakota online casino sites offer reviews of the best gambling sites with bonuses and much more!


Oregon online casinos are famous for their horse racing casinos and wide range of bonus offers. Enjoy a great gaming experience!


New Hampshire

New Hampshire online casino and New Hampshire sports betting are offering online gambling with a great bonus and promo code offers for all new players.


South Dakota

South Dakota online casinos and South Dakota sports betting are becoming very famous and liked, not least for their great app functions. Well known brands offer bonuses and promo codes.



The casino culture in Washington is on fire and it’s just getting bigger and bigger. Find the best Washington online casino and Washington sports betting operators here and take part in great bonus offers.



Virginia sports betting is legal and has collaborations with many different brands. Check it out!



Wisconsin online casino and Wisconsin sports betting will offer you great brands with bonus offers.



Wyoming online casinos and Wyoming sports betting are fully legal. Check it out for great bonus offers and a fun gaming experience!


Online Gambling In The USA With Real Money

Nearly all legal gambling sites offer different deposit and cash-out options; the most common and quickest option is credit card transactions (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), prepaid cards, bank transfers, PayPal and deposits at the casinos. The option to extract your winnings in cash at a land-based casino is generally offered, but bank transfers or credit card transfers are often quicker and easier.

Transactions are often resolved within a couple of hours depending on which type of transaction you choose. Some are faster and some are slower but we only list trusted online casinos. It is worth to mention that the casinos reserve themselves for brief delays on your first deposits/withdrawal.

The paybacks from online gambling are often as good or better than at land-based casinos, the reason for this is that the online casinos don’t have any guidelines for making the most money per square foot. Online gambling clients generally have a higher demand for better deals and bonuses, this forces the casinos to compete for the best offers in order to attract players. The house still has an edge but on the online casino the player field is more leveled.

A common practice is that gambling sites offer promotional deals or bonuses on real money online casinos. More often than never, gamblers receive some type of bonus. For new players that register at gambling sites, they are usually offered deposit bonuses, but in some cases, gamblers may be provided free plays and other great deals. The million dollar question here is which bonuses are the best?

Deposit Bonus Offer

A deposit bonus or a matched bonus, as it’s sometimes called, is the most common bonus you can be offered at an online gambling site in the USA. This means that the gambling site matches your deposit to a certain percentage or a certain amount. And , you get more money to gamble with at your account.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is a bonus that means you can take advantage of it without making a deposit. For example, it may be that you get 10 dollars to gamble completely free with. What you should keep in mind is that a no deposit bonus often comes with a turnover requirement.

Free Bets / Free Spins

Free bets or free spins are usually offered to new players. As the name suggests, it means you get an amount of free money to bet on games or sports events. Or sometimes, you also get a number of free spins on different casino slots. These bonuses usually come without strings attached, which means you get to keep all the winnings. No turnover requirements are applied.

The United States remains one of the most regulated countries in the world regarding online gambling, but a lot has changed over the years and our job is to help clarify and make sense of the laws and regulations regarding your state, so that you as a player get to enjoy the thrill and gain of online gambling without any worries.

In order to participate in real money online gambling we have listed a few things you need to know beforehand.

A deposit bonus or a matched bonus, as it’s sometimes called, is the most common bonus you can be offered at an online gambling site in the USA. This means that the gambling site matches your deposit to a certain percentage or a certain amount. And , you get more money to gamble with at your account.

  • Make sure that your state is a legal online gambling state, look into which laws apply to your state.
  • Find an online casino suitable to your needs and wants.
  • Register as a user at the online casino.
  • Deposit the money to the casino in a variety of ways.
  • Nearly all of the USA online casinos for real money offer you free cash rewards for signing up to their services such as free bets, free spins, deposit matchings.
  • Have fun and gamble away!
  • Withdraw your winnings in your preferred order.

When gambling at an online casino in the US with real money, there are several different deposit methods to choose from. These methods differ in that they are differently secured, take different lengths of time, and accessibility.

  • Land-based casino cashier: In a couple of states you can deposit amounts at the casino cage of the land-based venue of each online casino.
  • Credit and debit cards.
  • PayPal.
  • ACH transfers.
  • Bill pay and bank transfer.
  • PayNearMe.
  • Wire or cashier check.

When you withdraw money from your account, you get the option to choose in which fashion to make your withdrawals. These methods are often the same as the deposit methods. But sometimes, some methods are not accepted for withdrawals.

  • PayPal.
  • ACH transfer or bank transfer
  • Paper check
  • Cash cage at land-based casinos.
  • Debit card

Legal Online Gambling In The USA

The Department of Justice issued an announcement in 2011 stating that it has reinterpreted the Federal Wire Act of 1961 as only applying to sports betting. This led has led to today where all 50 states are allowed to legislate and regulate online gambling for themselves.

Why did online gambling become legal?

Representatives from Illinois and New York lottery associations petitioned the Justice Department for guidance regarding the subject of online lottery sales. The Justice Department did so and concluded that the Federal Wire Act was faulty, so they published a new interpretation stating that the Wire Act only regarded sports betting.

Which forms of online gambling are legal in the USA?

Since the law only affected sports betting, the possibilities opened up for all other online gambling types. Still, the situation can differ from state to state, where only a handful, such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, have legalized all forms of online gambling.

Will online gambling and betting still be legal in the future?

Several other states are now looking to bring in legislation in the future. Legal online gambling in the USA is changing every day. With the widespread usage of mobile phones and ease of connectivity today, there is an even greater opportunity for players to bet at online casinos and various sports betting sites. The opportunity for legal USA online gambling has never been greater! And here, we list all the states that online gambling is legal in one shape or form.

States where most forms of online gambling are legalized

In these states, you can gamble online in several different ways. For example, you can play online casino games, place online sports bets, play online poker, and so on.

  • NJ online casino and online sports betting.
  • PA online casino and legalized online sports betting market.
  • Michigan online casino and fully legalized online sports betting.
  • West Virginia online casinos and online sports betting is fully legalized.

States where one or more forms of online gambling is legal

The following states are those that have already legalized one or more forms of online gambling.

Why are legal online gambling sites better?

Illegal casinos may sometimes seem to be trustworthy, but in reality, there might be shady characters behind the curtain, which increases the chances of the casino being shut down. With legal online gambling sites, your money and information are secured. Companies are required by law to keep a customers money separate from operational accounts. This grants you guaranteed access to your money. In the event of a player hitting the jackpot, illegal casinos are known to make it hard for players to withdraw what is rightfully theirs. This is not the case with legal online gambling sites. They pay out the same way they would in any regulated land-based casino.

  • NJ online casinos have paid out several million-dollar slot jackpots and sport bet winnings
  • With legal online casinos, you can feel confident that you will get paid when you hit the jackpot!

Pros of legal online gambling in the USA

  • Your money is safe
  • The games are fair
  • Promotional deals and free bets
  • You get paid if you wi

Gambling online in the United States was not possible until a short time ago. However, within a couple of months of the first state legalizing online gambling, it would not take long for other states to jump on the train.

Online Gambling Past To Present

A quick summary of important years and gambling laws in the United States. Changes in modern times and online gambling in the USA.

  • 1999

    The United States Senate tried to ban online gambling in the US-market. This attempt became the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. Which did not pass.

  • 2002

    The US Court of Appeals ruled that the Federal Wire Act from 1961 prohibits sports betting but not online gambling. The United States Department of Justice discorded this. It stated that all forms of online gambling are not permitted in the United States. That advertisement for online gambling is synonymous with enabling criminal activity.

  • 2004

    Yahoo and Google were obligated to remove all online gambling advertisements for the US market.

  • 2006

    The US Congress passed a bill named the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, UIGEA for short. This act illegalized transactions from banks to online gambling sites, making it impossible for players to transfer money to online casinos. The online gambling industry kept growing although the various restrictions, and many international operators continued to accept US customers.

  • 2008

    The international operators went around the new American banking law in different ways. And by 2008, gambling revenues had hit a worldwide worth of $21 billion, including money from US players gambling on international online sites.

  • 2011

    The Department of Justice issued a legal opinion that the Federal Wire Act would only apply to sporting bets. This act opted for individual states to consider online lotteries, online casino games, and online poker.

  • 2012

    Delaware became the first state to sanction online gambling, passing the act of Delaware Gaming Competitiveness.

  • 2013

    Nevada, with its rich history of gambling, became the second state to legalize online gambling. They also began issuing licenses for online poker. Within a week! New Jersey followed, thus being the third state to allow for online gambling. They issued both online casino licenses and online poker licenses to the many casino operators of Atlantic City. In April, the first legal online gambling site in the USA went live in Nevada. It was an online poker service named Ultimate Poker. And in November, online poker and online casinos went live in New Jersey and Delaware.

  • 2017

    Pennsylvania became the fourth state to pass legislation allowing for legal online gambling in the USA. They launched online casinos and online poker rooms in the year 2019.

  • 2018

    The Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. This led to several states across the USA to authorize sports betting and online sports betting.

History Of Online Gambling In The USA


History of gambling in the USA

The United States has a long and rich history of gambling, ranging back to the colonial eras lotteries. In the early years of the 1900s, the mobsters ran New York casinos to the 1940s and 50s when gambling became a legitimate business in Nevada and Atlantic City. The attitude toward gambling has varied from community to community throughout the years. The first restrictions against gambling weren’t implemented until the year 1638, when Massachusetts enacted the USA’s first gambling restrictions.

Gambling regulations

The enthusiasm for gambling has continued to grow until today, where the USA’s online casinos are more available than ever. But with the availability also comes unavailability where most states are restricting online gambling in the USA today. In general, gambling is not an illegal activity in the USA.
There is no federal law banning gambling throughout the USA. It is a far more complicated topic than that. The Federal Wire Act of 1961 is such a law that prohibits gambling from crossing state lines which means you have to physically be in a legal state to gamble in said state. This also applies to online gambling.

The state regulations of gambling are:

You are legally allowed to gamble in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, and Delaware for online casinos. For online sports betting. You can legally place bets in multiple states today, such as New Jersey, Nevada, Colorado, West Virginia, Tennessee, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, Montana, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, and soon Virginia. For online poker. You can play online poker in New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Michigan, and West Virginia.

FAQ’s About Online Gambling In The USA

Online Gambling is somewhat legalized in selected states.

The legal online casinos offer a variety of payment/withdraw options, the most common option is credit card/debit card.

Yes! If you gamble in a legal gambling state at a regulated online casino you can win real money that may be paid out in a variety of ways.

At the moment there is a variety of online casinos that offer online poker in different states.

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