Missouri Online Sports Betting

Neither retail nor online sports betting has yet been legalized in Missouri. However, a number of proposals regarding this have been submitted in the state, and we at Gamblingjoker believe that we will soon have a state-regulated Missouri online sports betting market.

    Online sports betting In Missouri

    Today, Missouri residents are prohibited from placing bets in the state. However, a bill has been submitted that may legalize the form of gambling. However, what has happened is that the legalization process has stalled over who should regulate the market, be it the Missouri Lottery Commission or the Missouri Gaming Commission.

    Online sportsbooks in Missouri

    At Gamblingjoker, we want to be a gathered info channel for all sports betting enthusiasts in Missouri. We want to convey the best information regarding online sports betting and which online sportsbooks are the best to place bets at. Here, you’ll be able to find reviews and updated lists for the online sportsbooks in Missouri once it’s legalized.

    Best online betting sites in Missouri

    Below we list the best online sports betting sites in Missouri that could potentially launch in the future. With a considerable influence in other states, these sites will be early on the market to offer bettors generous bonuses and a great range of sports to bet on.

    Online sportsbookBonusGo to sportsbook!
    Caesars SportsbookUp to $1,025Play now
    DraftKings Sportsbook$1000Play now
    Fanduel Sportsbook$500Play now
    BetMGM Sportsbook$400Play now
    Golden Nugget Sportsbook$300Play now

    Online sports betting in Missouri

    At the moment, sports betting in Missouri is prohibited. This means that neither retail sports betting at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook are available. And online sports betting in Missouri is not legal either, but we believe this will change soon, so we want to prepare you for what is to come.

    Legal online sports betting Missouri

    When the proposal regarding the legalization of sports betting was presented in 2020, the process ended in whether to restrict sports betting to the state’s riverboat casinos. Or if the state would also allow for mobile and online sports betting. Another aspect that slowed down the lawmakers was whether the Lottery Commission or the state’s Gaming Commission that would regulate sports betting.

    Missouri online sports betting in the future

    In 2021, the process of legalization will resume, which may mean that Missouri becomes a legalized online sports betting state. If this happens, we can expect the state to get an explosive launch with a number of different online sports betting sites. One of the most successful legalizations of sports betting is the legalization of Michigan online sports betting.

    Potential online sports betting sites in Missouri

    Below we look at the potential online sports betting sites that we believe will be the first to launch in the state. These sites are the ones that have been first in several other states and have enough influence to be awarded licenses.

    Online sportsbookBonusGo to sportsbook!
    Caesars SportsbookUp to $1,025Play now
    DraftKings Sportsbook$1000Play now
    Fanduel Sportsbook$500Play now
    BetMGM Sportsbook$400Play now
    Golden Nugget Sportsbook$300Play now

    Caesars online sportsbook in Missouri

    The legendary Caesars is a well-known name in the gambling industry. In addition to an online casino, Caesars is taking more and more ground in online sports betting. And in Missouri, we believe they will be one of the earliest on the market. This is because they have a solid connection to Harrah’s North Kansas City and will probably be licensed through them.

    DraftKings sportsbook MO

    Draftkings, which began its journey as a DFS provider, has become the largest online sportsbook in the United States. Much of DraftKing’s success has to do with their auto customizing online sports betting platform, which is very popular with bettors. We expect that DraftKings will take Missouri by storm as soon as possible, both with their retail and online sports betting site.

    Fanduel online sport betting

    Fanduel is today the USA’s second-largest sports betting site in terms of the number of bettors and turnover.

    They have a great sportsbook where you can place bets on everything from football to rugby and even darts.

    They have grown big by constantly offering bettors generous bonuses and promotional offerings.

    BetMGM Missouri online sportsbook

    If you could not guess, BetMGM is the online sports betting site of MGM Resorts International. They will be able to offer Missouri bettors a plethora of betting options and flexibility.

    Golden nugget online sportsbookie MO

    The Golden Nugget offers an excellent online sportsbook for the data-driven bettor. With a large information base, you get a good starting point and thus higher chances of winning when you place your online sports bets in Missouri.

    Bets to place at online sports betting sites in Missouri

    When online sports betting is legalized in Missouri, the possibility of a number of different forms of bets will open up. There are so many different forms of bets because there are so many different things to bet on. The benefits of these bets are great as some result in better odds than others.

    • Moneyline Bets:
      A Moneyline bet is among the most common bets to place online. You win a Moneyline bet by choosing which team to win a game or event. The odds are represented by an underdog having (+) odds and a favorite having (-) odds. If a bet on an underdog goes through, it generates the biggest profit because the odds are favorable.
    • Totals:
      A Total bet means that you place bets on the total points made during a game or event. The online sportsbook sets an estimate for a game, and it is then up to the bettor to either bet on the game ending below or above this estimate. Sometimes these bets are also called over / under bets.
    • Props:
      Prop bets or propositions, as they are also called, are placed on specific events during the course of a game. Common examples of proposition bets are which player scores the first TD or the total points during the first quarter and so on.
    • Futures:
      Futures are very common to place during the offseason in, e.g., NFL, where you can place Future bets on which team will win the Superbowl and so on. The odds come out during the offseason and then change as time goes on.
    • Parlays:
      A Parlay bet means that you collect several different bets on one and the same ticket. The ticket can include multiple games ranging over multiple days. The yield from a parlay bet can, in many cases, mean big wins since the odds are added together.

    Live betting in MO

    Live betting is a very popular form of gambling in states where it is legal. You are able to place different bets during the unfolding of a game when live betting. This contributes to extra excitement and can sometimes also contribute to an increase in personal finances. The odds change all the time when you bet live, and the less likely something is to happen, the better the odds.

    Missouri online sportsbooks

    We hope to see the first online sportsbook launched in Missouri soon. This will mean that the state’s residents will have the opportunity to place online sports bets on their favorite teams and favorite sports. Which will contribute to increased popularity and, in some cases, also generate some jackpot winnings.

    Potential online sportsbooks in Missouri

    The potential online sportsbooks that may open in Missouri are many. The ones we have chosen we have chosen because of their great influence in other states and their professionalism when it comes to online sports betting. With generous bonuses and a wide range of betting options, we believe these will be first in Missouri.

    • Caesars Sportsbooks
    • DraftKings Sportsbooks
    • Fanduel Sportsbooks
    • BetMGM Sportsbooks
    • Golden Nugget Sportsbooks

    Retail sportsbooks in MO

    In Missouri, there are currently 13 riverboat casinos that will probably be the ones that are awarded licenses and allowed to run retail sportsbooks if the legalization goes through. This means that Missouri could potentially be home to at least 13 retail sportsbooks and, who knows, maybe even more online sportsbooks.

    The Riverboat casinos of Missouri:

    • Ameristar Casino Resort Spa
    • Ameristar Casino Hotel
    • Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa
    • Harrah’s North Kansas City
    • Hollywood Casino St. Louis
    • Isle of Capri Casino Hotel
    • Isle Casino Cape Girardeau
    • The Isle of Capri Casino Hotel
    • Lady Luck Casino
    • Lumiere Place Casino & Hotel
    • Mark Twain Casino
    • River City Casino & Hotel
    • St. Jo Frontier Casino

    Sports to bet on at online sportsbooks

    In Missouri, there will be huge opportunities to wager on different sports. Our tip is to bet on sports that you know to have the greatest chance to win money.

    The most popular viewer sport in the state is football, and the Superbowl is the event that takes in the most bets during the year. Can we expect it to also be the most popular event to place bets on once Missouri legalizes?

    • Football
    • Golf
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Ice hockey
    • Soccer
    • Rugby

    NCAA sports betting in MO

    In several other states where sports betting has been legalized, the exception has been betting on college sports, which has continued to be prohibited.

    In other states, the exemption only applies to in-state college law, and we currently do not know what will happen to this in Missouri.

    Hopefully, the state’s enthusiasts will be able to place bets on the Missouri Tigers in the future.

    Teams to bet on at online sportsbooks in Missouri

    Missouri is home to several major league teams that their fans might be able to place online sports bets on in the future.

    Kansas City ChiefsNational Football League
    Kansas City RoyalsMajor League Baseball
    Sporting Kansas CityMajor League Soccer
    St. Louis BluesNational Hockey League
    St. Louis CardinalsMajor League Baseball

    Bonuses at online sportsbooks in the state of Missouri

    When you sign up for an online sportsbook, it is common practice that you are offered a bonus on your first deposit. Bonuses are provided by the various online sportsbooks to compete with each other for new players, and many times it is advantageous to take part in these.

    • Free bets: It is very common for bettors to be offered bonuses in the form of free bets, which means that the sportsbook gives you free funds to bet with. If a bet follows through when you use a free bet, you usually get to keep the entire win without any strings attached.
    • Deposit match: A deposit match is another very common bonus at an online sportsbook and means that the sportsbook will match your first deposit into your account. The amount that this bonus amounts to varies from each other, but most often, it is that 100% of your deposit is matched.
    • Risk-free bets: A risk-free bet means that the online sportsbook allows you to place a bet for free. And if the bet does not follow through and you lose, the sportsbook will refund you the amount you entered the wager with.

    Mobile sports betting in Missouri

    Online sports betting takes over the USA by storm, but sports betting from mobile devices trumps this. And it has contributed to a completely new word, i.e., mobile sports betting. The betting form has become the most popular. More and more operators are seeing the importance of offering their bettors mobile device adapted sites and apps.

    Pros of mobile sports betting – Missouri

    The benefits are many when you choose to place sports bets through a mobile device. You do not need to be stationed at your desktop to track if a bet goes through. Everything you need is an internet connection, and you can keep track of your sportsbook when you are on the run within Missouri’s borders.

    • It’s flexible and straightforward to use.
    • You can Livestream sports on your mobile device anywhere.
    • You can place bets wherever you are in Missouri.

    Mobile sports betting sites

    Most online sports betting operators today build their sites adapted to work as well as possible with different mobile devices. This means that they work flawlessly with almost all the different screen resolutions out there.

    Mobile sports betting apps MO

    The operators at the forefront of digital development offer bettors’ apps where they can place bets. These apps are usually very lavish and provide the same wide range as when visiting an online sports betting site. The apps are available for most devices through Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store.

    Geolocational software

    Because all states have strict laws regarding online sports betting, they have had to implement Geolocational software. This software is there to verify if a player is within the borders of a state when placing bets. In other words, you can not be in a legalized state such as West Virginia and then place a bet in Missouri.

    FAQ’s About Online Sports Betting in Missouri

    Is online sports betting legal in Missouri?

    No form of sports betting is legal in Missouri at the moment. Neither retail nor online sports betting.

    When will online sports betting become legal in MO?

    We expect big changes for online sports betting in Missouri during 2021.

    Can I bet on football in Missouri?

    At the moment you are not able to legally bet on football in Missouri.

    What’s the legal sports betting age in Missouri?

    No legal actions have been taken regarding sports betting in Missouri. But the legal age for gambling is 21, and we can expect this to be the same when it comes to sports betting.