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    Online sports betting in WV is now live!

    In August 2019, West Virginia’s first online sportsbook was launched, after which three more were launched. This was made possible by the passing of the West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act, which means that the 5 land-based casinos were given the opportunity to collaborate with online sportsbooks, which in turn led to the legalization of online sports betting in WV. The legalization has been well received and the operators have all received thousands of online sports bets. At the moment, only 4 sportsbooks are open in WV, but the state has the potential to open a total of 15 online sportsbooks, this is due to the fact that all casinos are able to facilitate 3 sportsbooks each.

    These are the online sportsbooks available in West Virginia 2022

    Online sportsbookland-based partner
    DraftKings online sports betting serviceHollywood Casino
    BetMGM online sportsbookThe Greenbrier
    FanDuel online sports bettingThe Greenbrier
    William Hill sportsbookMountaineer

    Best online sports betting sites in WV

    In our list below you will find our favourite online sports betting sites in WV. You will also be able to find the best bonuses and deals in our list.

    reasons to why you should place sports bets online

    All the sports

    You’ll have access to an abundance of sports and events when you chose to place bets online.

    Live bets

    Online sports betting in WV allows for you to place bets on a game even during the game!

    Super convenient

    whether you are at home or at a friends house, whether its in the middle of the night you’ll always be able to access your online bookie.

    WV online sports betting in 2022

    Since the bill on online gambling in the state of West Virginia was passed, a lot has happened in the online sports betting industry. The legalization in the state is mostly designed in the same way as in the other legalized states such as NJ, PA, and Michigan. You must be within the state’s lines and you must be over 21 years of age to place sports bets online. The state has 5 land-based casinos, each of which are allowed to have 3 partnerships with online sportsbooks, this means that the state has the potential to have 15 sportsbooks, which is enormously beneficial for players who are looking for choices and the best bonuses.

    How many online sportsbooks are there in WV

    Today, there are 4 online sportsbooks in West Virginia that offer players to place sports bets. With a potential for 15 online sportsbooks, we on believe that this list will be expanded soon.

    • DraftKings online sportsbook
    • BetMGM online sportsbook
    • William Hill sportsbook
    • Fanduel online sportsbook

    Draftkings sportsbook, William Hill sportsbook, and FanDuel sportsbook also offer land-based sportsbooks for occasions when you want to place sports bets in person.

    The license-costs of online sportsbooks in WV

    The regulation of online sportsbooks in the state come with some license fees that operators must pay to stay active in the state are $250,000 per license. This license needs to be renewed every 5 years which costs $100,000. In addition, you have to pay $100,000 for platform and service management. And suppliers also need licenses which costs $10,000 each

    Placing an online sports bet in WV

    When you want to place a sports bet online, you must be over the age of 21 years old, you also have to register an account with your chosen sportsbook, transferred money to the account, etc. In addition, according to the law you need to be within the state’s borders to be eligible to participate in sports betting in WV.

    Hollywood CasinoDraftKings online sportsbook2019
    MountaineerWilliam Hill online sportsbook2019
    The GreenbrierFanDuel online sportsbook2019
    The GreenbrierBetMGM online sportsbook2020

    WV mobile sports betting apps

    Many bettors today prefer to place sports bets directly on their smartphones or tablets instead of on their desktops. The reason for choosing to place sports bets on a mobile device has to do with the fact that it is much more easily accessible, as you usually have your smartphone with you wherever you are. A transition into mobile devices is transforming not only the betting industry but also all other industries, today people do banking, pay bills, and even buy groceries with their mobile devices. We at want to guide our visitors by going through how mobile betting works and which online betting sites are the best.

    Pros of mobile sports betting

    Today, it’s very advantageous to use your mobile device when betting online. Many sportsbooks sites have a good, mobile-friendly site that makes it easy and smooth for you as a player to online bets on various events, but also convenient as you do not have to be stationed at your computer if you yourself would like to be in place to watch a game.
    The biggest pros of mobile sports betting are:

    • It’s flexible & simple.
    • You can live stream sports on your mobile device.
    • Play wherever you are.

    Online sports betting apps

    Mobile sports betting apps allow players to access a huge variety of sports betting options through their mobile devices. However, neither iOS’s app store nor Android’s Play store is particularly thrilled about hosting online gambling applications.

    Android sports betting apps

    Google Play store has not allowed gambling apps for several years.
    So in order for Android users to gain access to the apps they need to seek out the app on their own and find other ways to download the apps. Users first need to find the apps, usually on the app provider’s sites, after that users need to download the “APK” file, allow it to install, and then they’re all set.

    iPhone / iPad sports betting apps

    iPhone and iOS users should have no obstacles when downloading, installing, or using the online gambling apps in WV.

    Mobile-friendly online sports betting sites

    If you do not want to download online sports betting apps, you can use the browser option just as well from your mobile device, all online sportsbooks sites are mobile-friendly and they work just as well as the desktop version.


    When you use a mobile device to place online bets, you have no restrictions on where you can be. Whether it’s in the park or at the store, you have access to your online bets. The only requirement for online sports betting legalization is that you are within the boundaries of West Virginia.

    How to place online sports bets in WV

    If you haven’t previously placed sports bets online, there may be some concerns and uncertainty about how it works. We at will walk you through the process step by step so that our visitors understand how to place a bet and how a registration with a sportsbook works in WV. We will also walk you through how deposits and withdrawals work in general so that you have an overlook of the most important parts before you place a sports bet online.

    Choose the right online sportsbook

    It can be confusing to know which online sportsbook to choose in WV.
    First, you should choose a sportsbook that you feel comfortable with and that has good reviews. When choosing your sportsbook, you should take into account who has the best bonuses this is because the bonus gives you a better starting position in betting. The bonus usually consists of the sportsbook matching the deposit you make. For example, if you deposit $ 100, you get a total of $ 200 to place bets for. It is also important that your sportsbook has a wide variety of events and sports to bet on. And lastly, that the service is easy to understand, easy to navigate, and looks good.

    Register an account with an online sportsbook

    Usually, you first have to click on “Create account”, “Become a customer” or similar depending on which title of the button the specific online sportsbook has chosen. This will take you to the registration area where you will need to fill in personal information such as an address, phone number, email, etc. Then you will have to choose a username and password in order to be able to log in.


    There are several deposit options for all sportsbooks in WV. Most of us are used to paying online with our VISA / Mastercard, but on the online sportsbooks, there are several options ranging from bank transfers to PayPal and even cash deposits at the casino cage. When you deposit money to the online sportsbook you need to click on “Deposit” or something similar that the sportsbook has chosen as text. Then you will be directed to the page where you choose which method you want to use for your deposit.

    Get your bonus

    When you first make a deposit on the site, you will get the opportunity to choose whether you want to register a bonus or not. This of course depends on the type of bonus your gaming site offers, the vast majority of gaming sites offer a bonus percentage on the first deposit, but it can also be in the form of free bets etc. Keep in mind that the bonuses might have strings attached to them, these can be found under the terms and conditions section.


    Once you have chosen your casino, created your account, made a deposit, and received your bonus, it’s time to start placing your bets. And if everything goes as you wish, the next step is to make a withdrawal, this can usually be done via the same method you used to deposit.

    FAQ’s About Online Sports Betting in West Virginia

    Is online sports betting legal in WV?

    Yes! online sports betting is legal in West Virginia since 2018 and currently have a selection of 4 regulated online sportsbooks.

    Which online sportsbook is the best in WV?

    Draftkings sportsbook is the sportsbook with the highest overall ratings in WV.

    Which sports betting bonuses can i get in WV?

    Every online sports betting site in WV offer some kind of promotional deals that changes from day to day. However, the most common bonuses in WV is Deposit bonuses, No-deposit bonuses and free bets.

    Whats the legal sports betting age in WV?

    Everyone above the age of 21 are eligable to place sports bets in West Virginia.

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