List Of All Nebraska Sportsbooks

In-person sports betting in Nebraska was legalized in 2021 when the bill was passed. With this in mind, we’re going to look at the full list of all Nebraska sportsbooks available to you now. Read on to check out our list of all Nebraska sportsbooks.

All Nebraska sportsbooks

With in-person sports betting legal in NE, it’s important to ensure you’re playing somewhere that is a legal venue when you are choosing the right sportsbook listed in Nebraska. Currently, the Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission (NRGC) has published approved rules for betting on sports in-person and is responsible for this licensing.

Getting licensed

Any new betting venue that wishes to provide legal, in-person sports betting in NE must apply for a Nebraska license with the NRGC. This must be done through the vendor that runs the sportsbook. The NRGC has to check all the equipment and setup for betting before this is granted.

Timeline for Nebraska sports betting

Over the years, a lot of work has been put into legalizing sportsbooks in the state. However, each state has its own regulations in place. Operators must follow these guidelines.

In 2019, the PASPA was repealed. This allowed each state to go ahead and offer legalized sports betting under their own terms.

In 2021, Nebraska finally approved a bill that allows retail or in-person sports betting. However, it still prevented online betting. Later in the year, in-person sports betting was permitted in specific locations.

By 2023, everything had moved forward yet again. All the rules were put in place, and in-person sports betting could go forward in a legalized way.

Now, it’s possible to bet in person in Nebraska. It was particularly important to get this underway as the six surrounding states had already done so.

Best Nebraska sportsbooks

Not all NE sportsbooks are created equal. And that’s why we’re looking at only the very best ones. In this list of Nebraska online sportsbooks A-Z, we’re giving you some information about each of the sportsbooks we think are the best in this state.

BetMGM Sportsbook

This is one of the top betting options for the Cornhusker State. It offers various sports to bet on, including popular US sports such as football and basketball.

BetRivers Sportsbook

This is popular in several different states. It’s safe and reliable, offering an array of different sports. Though it has some promotions on offer, this is an area that could be improved upon.

Caesars Sportsbook

One of the biggest names in the betting world, Caesars, is now available in Nebraska. This sportsbook has an excellent selection of sports and betting markets.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Offering Daily Fantasy sports and sports betting, this is one of the top all-around betting sites. It’s well-established in the market, offering a safe, secure betting platform.

FanDuel Sportsbook

Like FanDuel, this also offers DFS and an array of sports. In addition, there are different betting markets on offer and competitive odds to be had.

WynnBET Sportsbook

This sportsbook has a diverse sports selection. Coupled with that, there are some good rewards available.

Betting at all Nebraska sportsbooks

So, now that you know which are the top Nebraska sportsbooks, you will want to get started with playing at one. Here’s all you need to know.

Placing a bet

If you want to place a bet, you’re going to have to do so in person. This means heading to one of the venues with the sportsbook in retail form. Once there, it’s a simple process to pick a sport or event that you’re interested in. You can then take a look at the odds on offer.

Each of these retail sportsbooks offers something a little different in terms of how competitive their odds are. You can take a look at the different options. Though, if you’re near one retail sportsbook and not another, you will have to accept those odds.

What to bet on in Nebraska

Not only are there retail sportsbooks in Nebraska, but there are also racetracks. So if general sports betting isn’t for you, then maybe a bet on the horses is. Currently, there are six different tracks in the state where you can watch the horses and place bets.

Daily fantasy sports are another option. A legal gray area here, as it is in many states, top sportsbooks in NE, such as DraftKings and FanDuel, will accept Nebraskans to join up to a range of different sports leagues. Online casinos in NE is not yet legal.

Top Nebraskan sports for betting

Unsurprisingly, the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers is the top team to support in the state. It’s the basis of most of the big events in Nebraska. However, due to recent sports betting rules, Nebraskans cannot bet on this team.

This is because no unprofessional sports teams can be bet on in the state. Only professional teams are available at legal sportsbooks. With that in mind, there are some other top teams to consider.

Neighboring states have a number of top teams. For the NFL, there are the Denver Broncos and KS Chiefs, both with recent success. Similarly, there are a number of MLB teams that are worth a bet or two in the form of the Chicago Cubs or Colorado Rockies.

For those that prefer NBA, the Denver Nuggets or Chicago Bulls are some of the most likely nearby teams to be successful.

FAQs about sportsbooks listed in Nebraska

What sportsbooks are available in Nebraska?

There are a number of different sportsbooks available in Nebraska. Some of these include top brands such as DraftKings, FanDuel and BetRivers. These are all legal Nebraska sportsbooks.

Which Nebraska sportsbook is the best?

This really depends on your personal preference. However, as an overview, the best NE sportsbook is one that holds a license within the state. It should also have over 30 different sports on offer, give you a range of betting markets, and offer specific US-based payment methods that are safe and secure.

What is the best online sportsbook in Nebraska?

Currently, online sports betting is not legal in Nebraska. However, when it is legalized, you can check them out in our list of sportsbooks in Nebraska. This will contain all licensed Nebraska sportsbooks.

Is online sports betting legal in Nebraska?

No, currently, online sports betting is not yet legal, though it is likely to become so in the future. For now, you can check our complete Nebraska sportsbooks list for retail sportsbooks. In addition, all Nebraska sportsbooks with real-money betting are listed.