Blasty Casino NJ

Blasty Casino NJ is a brand new online casino that will soon be launched in the state. On this page, you will be able to read more about Blasty Casino in NJ and all that they have to offer. So stay tuned for more juicy details and get ready for their launch, which will take place in the fall of 2021.


Blasty Casino offers 2024

Promotions and bonuses at Blasty Casino NJ

Since this new online casino is still under construction, there is unfortunately not much to say about their upcoming promotions and bonuses at Blasty Casino, NJ.

Information about upcoming promotions and bonuses at online casinos is seldom leaked, and this is certainly the case here. But, on the other hand, we have a lot of requirements to list, which we would like Blasty to match.

In upcoming promotions and bonuses at Blasty Casino NJ, we hope to see an outstanding welcome bonus, a loyalty program for the most diligent players, and of course, recurring offers for season players.

If these are met, we will be incredibly happy, and it will probably make most players stay at the online casino.

Loyalty program

Something we also hope will be that Blasty Casino is, of course, a loyalty program for its most diligent players.

These loyalty programs are, unfortunately, something that we are starting to see less and less of but which are warmly appreciated by casino players. With loyalty programs, you can reward your most loyal players with everything from free spins to free money to play for and more.

Blasty Casino may launch a loyalty program, but there is no official information about this yet.

Blasty Casino NJ review

In the following Blasty Casino NJ review, you will be able to read more about the upcoming online casino, which is expected to launch in the state in the fall of 2021.

At present, we only list expected parts of the casino, as very little information about it has yet been released.

Once the casino has been launched, our gaming experts will fully test it, review it and rate all the important parts about it. These include payment methods, customer support, bonuses, game offerings, and more.

Stay tuned for the full Blasty Casino NJ review and what to expect from the new online casino that will be launched soon.

Parts that will be reviewed and rated:

  • Promos and bonuses
  • Payment methods (deposits and withdrawals)
  • Mobile gambling app
  • Design
  • Gambling experience
  • Game offerings
  • Game providers
  • Customer support
  • FAQ

Payment methods at Blasty Casino, NJ

For those of you who are curious about the list of payment methods at Blasty Casino NJ, we, unfortunately, have to announce that there is not yet one.

However, we have produced a list of expected payment methods, which can be found at the majority of online casinos in New Jersey. Hopefully, most of these will be on the official list of payment methods at Blasty Casino NJ, thus offering a wide range of choices for players.

For those of you who are looking for fast withdrawal methods, you should look for PayWithMyBank, PayPal, Skrill, or Paysafecard. These offer faster processing times than the remaining payment methods on the market.

Deposit methods

Some of the common deposit methods at online casinos in New Jersey, and which will hopefully be available at Blasty Casino, are as follows:

  • ACH/e-check
  • Credit- and debit card (VISA, Discover, AMEX, MasterCard)
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Online banking
  • Play+ prepaid cards
  • PayNearMe
  • Paysafecard
  • PayWithMyBank (Trustly)

Withdrawal methods

When it comes to withdrawal methods, these are usually fewer than deposits. But, again, this is because you can not make a withdrawal to a credit or debit card.

Below you will find some of the most common withdrawal methods at online casinos in New Jersey:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • ACH/e-check
  • Online Banking
  • PayWithMyBank (Trustly)
  • Cash at cage
  • Check by mail

Blasty Casino NJ gambling app

The upcoming Blasty Casino NJ gambling app has an incredible amount to live up to if you ask us. This is because more and more players today choose to play from mobile gambling apps rather than at land-based casinos or the computer.

With mobile gambling apps, you can easily play whenever you want and wherever you want. An incredible opportunity that has made everyday life easier for the most diligent casino players.

The Blasty Casino NJ gambling app, therefore, needs to be available for iOS and Android to meet all player’s requirements, as well as be easy to use and, of course, bug-free.

The app will be fully reviewed by our gambling experts here at gamblingjoker, and screenshots of its design will be found here in the review after launch.


Something we are really looking forward to seeing is the design of the new online casino.

We hope to see a colorful, playful, and above all fun design with very attractive features that make us long to return when we have stopped playing.

Quite simply a design that stands out among the crowd of all online casino sites in NJ.

But as with everything else about Blasty Casino, there is still no leaked information about the design, not even the logo. So we just have to persevere and wait for the launch.

Gambling experience

Since it was unbelievably long ago that a new online casino was released in New Jersey, our gaming experts here at gamblingjoker are more than eager to try the Blasty Casino.

They hope to have a maximized gambling experience with a large selection of games to choose from, where everything from slots, table, and poker games to choose from. But, of course, it is also important that the games are bug-free and have a high quality for the experience to be the absolute best.

A full review of their gambling experience will be read more about below, as well as a list of their favorite games at Blasty Casino in NJ that they can warmly recommend.

Game offerings at Blasty Casino in NJ

The upcoming game offerings at Blasty Casino in NJ have a lot to live up to if we look at the already licensed online casinos in the state.

To compete with the other casinos on the market, it is important to have a large selection of casino games, with everything from the classic slots, to the latest releases, as well as several table and poker games.

In addition to the large range of games that are in demand, it goes without saying that the games are also of high quality, and this is ensured by collaborating with world-leading companies in-game manufacturing for online casino games.

As soon as we know more about the game offerings at Blasty Casino in NJ, we will be able to list some of the games they offer and compare their offerings with other online casinos in the state.

Gaming providers

As mentioned above, it is important for online casinos today to work closely with world-leading gaming providers for casino games.

Since we know nothing about their upcoming range of games, we also have no idea which game providers will be available at their online casino. But, on the other hand, we know who we hope to see, and as we know from experience, high-quality games deliver both new and old ones.

Some of the gaming providers we hope to see at Blasty Casino in New Jersey include:

  • Real-Time Gaming
  • Playtech
  • NetEnt
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Amaya Gaming
  • Microgaming
  • IGT
  • WMS
  • Betsoft
  • NextGen Gaming
  • Play’N Go

Customer support at Blasty Casino New Jersey

There is still no information about the upcoming customer support at Blasty Casino New Jersey, but there are some guidelines that we hope they follow to make as many players as possible happy.

For example, it should be simple and clear how to reach the customer support at Blasty Casino New Jersey, the response time should be short, and the staff in the support service-minded.

It is important to ensure the players’ best interests, and this is usually done by providing them with simple solutions and answers.

We hope to be able to contact and get answers from the customer support at Blasty Casino in New Jersey through the following ways:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Livechat 24/7
  • FAQ


As a summary of this short, and unfortunately not so comprehensive review of Blasty Casino, we simply hope for a lot before the upcoming launch of this new online casino.

Above all, we hope for good and generous bonuses, secure payment methods, a large selection of games, and a superb gaming experience. Whether this is met by Blasty Casino remains to be seen, but we sure hope so.

This Blasty Casino review will be updated with new and correct information when the casino opens for gaming.

FAQ’s About Blasty Casino NJ

When will Blasty Casino launch in New Jersey?

Blasty Casino is expected to launch on the market in New Jersey in the fall/winter of 2021.

Is Blasty Casino a legal site to play on?

Yes, Blasty Casino will be a legal site to play on, and they will apply for a license to operate their online casino in New Jersey.

Does Blasty Casino have a mobile app?

Blasty Casino will most likely have a mobile app available for iOS and Android when they open in the fall of 2021 in NJ.

How old do I have to be to play at Blasty Casino in New Jersey?

To play at Blasty Casino in New Jersey, you must be at least 21 years old.

Can I play slots at Blasty Casino?

Yes, Blasty Casino offers all the classic casino games on its website. Among them, we find slots, tables, and poker games.