Virginia Online Casino

The Old Dominion is still one of the most fundamentalist states of the U.S. regarding gambling laws. Therefore, online casino games in Virginia aren’t authorized by the state yet. But in recent years, they have been warming up to the online gambling experience. This has led to the legalization of online sports betting in 2020.

    Best VA online casinos 2024

    Only sweepstakes online casinos are live in Virginia at the moment

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    Online gambling in VA

    Although the state law prohibits online casino sites, few valid options are available. The state has regulated online sportsbooks and sports betting sites since July 2020, and there are also a few social casinos open to the state’s residents. These options might not live up to the gambling enthusiast’s expectations but are a great option while awaiting a fully legalized market.

    Legal online gambling – Virginia

    The Virginia code for online gambling encompasses the details about illegal gambling. The Virginia state code states that waging money on anything based on chance is considered illegal unless the state has sanctioned the form “sports wagering.”

    The above code is mentioned in the illegal gambling section of the Class III Misdemeanor Act. Hence, the only way for the online casino industry to be legal is when the Virginia State sanctions it.

    Best online casinos in Virginia

    Below we’ll populate our list with the best online casinos available in Virginia. These are the top-ranked sites to be legalized in the state once possible.

    VA Online Casinos

    As we speak of the online casino in Virginia, there will be many potential casino websites where you can enjoy gambling in the state. According to the recent news, the residents have approved online casino establishments to be opened in the state. But this may be realized only in 2022 or 2023.
    Therefore, let us focus on some of the potential future online casino sites in the state of Virginia. The state could see three likely online casinos that are most likely to launch their operations first.

    Projected Online Casino Operators

    Below we have chosen to list the most likely online casino operators to launch their operations in Virginia. These are among the largest operators in the country and thus have a sufficiently large influence to enter new markets early on.

    Draftkings Casino

    If legalized, the Draftkings online casino site can become a member of the commonwealth casino industry. The operator is already established in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. This gambling operator also offers an excellent platform for live sports and betting, bringing some exciting rewards to the Virginia online gambling experience.

    FanDuel Casino

    You can also expect this online casino website if the legalization is passed. They hold second place just after Draftkings in the sports betting industry. They provide a cut-throat competition with great bonuses and games.

    BetMGM Casino

    Another potential contender for other potential online casinos in VA is the BetMGM casino. The operator has a great history of land-based casino operations and is a fantastic choice for an online casino in Virginia State provided their experience in the industry and their interface.

    Other online casinos in the state

    These are some of the potential online casino sites that you may expect to be a part of the market if the state of Virginia legalizes online casino gambling. It is also worth mentioning that if the state legalizes online casinos, we might get an explosion of operators wanting to establish themselves in the state.

    Operators such as Caesars Online Casino, William Hill Casino, Betrivers Online Casino are some of the gambling operators that might establish themselves in the state.

    Other states with online casinos:

    Best online casino games – Virginia

    There are many different online casino games to choose from when playing online. They all have various benefits and are therefore also differently popular with gamblers in the states in which they are available.

    Online Slots

    One of the most popular games in any casino is slots land-based and online. And with gambling sites, you can play more modernized and progressive slots online. However, discarding the conventional traditional style of slots totally would be unfair. So, the online casino will also keep a provision of the three-reel classic slots to prove the ultimate Virginia online gambling experience.

    Online Roulette

    Another popular casino game is roulette. Be it Russian roulette or American roulette. You will indeed find many variations of the game at online gambling sites. The online casinos have built great interfaces into the game so that your virtual game looks similar to that of an actual roulette game with a dealer, real cash, and coins.

    Online Poker

    Poker is one game that you can’t miss if you ever gambled or had an authentic gambling experience. Online casinos keep online poker as a part of their leading portfolio. However, you can assume that there will be some requirements before legalizing the game for gamblers in Virginia, as it’s been a fact in other states that have previously legalized gambling.


    No casino is complete without the miraculous game, blackjack. Blackjack is a single-player and multiplayer game with a live dealer present to shuffle and deal the cards. Over the years, the game has become very widespread in online casinos. And the traditional blackjack will be modified to a more user-friendly and adventure-styled interface suiting gambler’s needs.

    Other Online Casino Games in Virginia

    These are some of the most popular online gambling options that may launch in the future. However, there are many more options for casino games to launch in the future. Everything from lotteries to table games, wheel of fortune, and much more will follow the legalization of online casino games in Virginia.

    Gambling online in Virginia

    The different alternatives for online gambling in Virginia have historically been non-existing. That’s until now when online sports betting has passed legislation. But still, this is just one form of gambling and might not satisfy all needs in the state. We have high expectations, though, and expect the state to legalize online casinos in 2022 or 2023.

    Virginia Sports Betting

    Unlike Pennsylvania and New Jersey who have authorized sports betting, Virginia doesn’t have any land-based casinos. Sportsbooks are usually affiliated with land-based casinos in most states. But since Virginia doesn’t have this opportunity for affiliation, the sports betting operators will need to pay $50,000 as a part of the application fee for operating sportsbooks and thus operate themselves.

    However, anyone who wishes to operate the sportsbook must comply with the following criteria cited by the Virginia State Law.

    “Section 58.1 subsection 4032. Sports betting license application”.
    Any applicant for sports betting permit must submit the document for application to the Director. It must contain detailed information mentioned in subsection B.

    Information required in the application for Virginia sports betting license:

    1. The applicant’s earlier experience in gambling activities.
    2. Background in sports betting and booking.
    3. The reputation of the applicant, integrity, and compliance of operation.
    4. A written proposal on internal controls on betting participants. It means that no voluntarily excluded or prohibited person can participate in the betting process.
    5. Operators must provide a valid certificate or reference to back their history of preventing compulsive gambling.
    6. The operator also must provide support documentation.
    7. The operator shall provide proper training programs to its employees, and the proposed plan to execute the same shall be provided in writing to the Director.
    8. Proposed measures to control illegal betting activity and detect or report suspicious activities.

    Applying all the strict rules to the sports betting websites initially may not be a good decision. This is so because it is an untapped market, and saturating it right away may not be a good choice.

    Social Gambling is legal in VA

    Social gambling is seen as an unregulated private event in Virginia. So, if you are a part of a social gathering or hosting a party for your friends or family, you need not worry about the state laws. However, you must be cautious as a single mistake in the offering or rake can put your event into the “regular event,” and the state may prosecute you for it.

    Regular gambling is under strict jurisdiction, and thus, if any person advertises gambling that is open to the public, you may have to suffer consequences. Apart from this, you can also engage in charitable gambling. However, the generous gambling commission imposes a tax on the winnings on the earnings. Nevertheless, the tax percentage is only 1.125%, as it falls under the event games.

    To Sum it up

    Virginia has still not laid out all the guidelines or the protocols required for online casino and live sports betting operators to operate. However, we have listed some potential online casino websites with their games to introduce the market once the laws are passed.

    Ohio online casino is another nearby state that we high hopes for to legalize in the near future.

    Virginia Mobile Gambling

    Online casinos will provide their platform for users to enjoy the Virginia online gambling experience from the comfort of their homes. With advancements in technology, the virtual platform is now not limited to desktops and PCs. Now, the players can enjoy the casino games from their mobile devices.

    Gambling apps in Virginia

    Mobile gaming has been quite common nowadays, with high-speed internet and mobile-friendly websites. All online casinos worldwide invest time and money into their apps. And gambling apps allow the users to play their favorite games in the comfort of their homes and the go. This will not be exempted in Virginia once the state legalizes online gambling.

    Great User Experience

    Due to development in the native mobile apps and coding, the mobile apps have also become very user-friendly. The interfaces are enticing and easy to navigate. Many sports betting companies and online casino institutions that will launch in Virginia have understood this need.

    They have developed mobile apps that allow the users to log in to their account, play from a wide array of casino games, and win rewards. And due to the small screen size and data compression algorithm, the mobile apps consume less data, and thus, you don’t have to wait for your screen to load for a longer time. However, loading and buffering also depend on the signal strength and your internet service provider.

    Live mobile gambling VA

    The apps allow you to place your bet on live sports when attending games in Virginia. You can check for the fixtures, match results, odds, and line-ups in real-time. The App and website provide you with all the necessary information for placing your bets and let you keep track of your winnings. Apart from this, the software also provides you with awe-inspiring looks.

    Customer support in the App

    The Virginia Online Mobile gaming has 24/7 high-quality customer service. You can envisage customer support, and you have agents available all the time with multiple venues for contact. You can connect with the support team through mail, phone, social media, and even live chat support.

    Secure Gambling Apps Virginia

    The apps will be highly trustworthy when they launch in VA. They use high-level security encryption that keeps your account safe from hackers and protects your data.

    The mobile gaming experience adds a different flavor to playing online casino games and live sports betting, becoming an overall package for the Virginia online gambling experience.

    FAQ’s About Online Casinos in Virginia

    Is online gambling legal in Virginia?

    The only form of online gambling legalized by the state at the moment is online sports betting, and somewhat social online casinos.

    How do i gamble online in Virginia with real money?

    Either by placing a sports bet with real money, but if you want to play online casino games with real money, you’ll have to wait.

    When will online casinos be legalized in VA

    We and many with us are hopeful that online casino games might reach some form of legalization during 2022 or 2023.

    Can I play online poker in Virginia

    At the moment there are no legal online poker sites available to Virginia residents.