Washington online casinos

There are currently a lot of casinos in WA, and many more are on their way. These Washington online casinos are offering enticing casino bonuses and promotions to attract many gamblers. And as the market becomes more competitive, the bonuses keep growing. Read our guide if you want to learn more about which online casinos in Washington you can find.

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The legal state of online gambling in Washington


The permissions for an online gambling platform to operate are under state jurisdiction. Every state is free to permit or ban online gambling activities. In that regard, unfortunately, online gambling isn’t legal yet in Washington state.

But it is highly possible to see it becoming legal in a short time. Online gambling has been quite popular in the US and many states allow it now. In fact, there are around 30 states that permit online gambling activities. We expect Washington to follow their example and open its borders to Washington online casinos.

Other ways to enjoy Washington state gambling

Placing a wager in Washington online casinos is currently not possible. However, there are other ways for enthusiasts to sate their need for gambling. One possible way is social casinos. Social casinos are websites or downloadable software that lets people play casino games. However, they are vastly different from a real online casino.

Where can i find the best Washington online casinos?


First of all, there is no real money wagering. Consequently, you can’t expect to win any real prizes either. Moreover, players can access these platforms almost everywhere. As real money is not involved, there are no laws that restrict access to these platforms.

Many real Washington online casino operators also offer a social casino option. Some of the social casinos you can find in WA are:

  • FortuneCoins
  • RiversCasino4Fun
  • Doubledown Casino
  • Slotomania
  • Zynga Poker
  • myVegas Slots

Additionally, you can also indulge yourself in gambling with a land-based casino. Although Washington online casinos aren’t available, players can still visit a land-based casino and place a wager on the games. Washington is a state rich in land-based casinos.

There are more than 50 casinos inside the state borders. Moreover, these casinos are also different in type. Most of them are Native American Casinos. However, you can also play at Card Rooms. Some of the casinos in Washington are:

  • 12 Tribes Resort Casino
  • 7 Cedars Casino
  • Chewelah Casino
  • Clearwater Poker Room
  • Emerald Queen Casino
  • Lancer Casino
  • Quinault Beach Resort and Casino
  • Silver Reef Casino
  • Wizards Casino
  • The Point Casino

Best WA online casinos you can expect

The online gambling industry has shown great development in a very short time. As a result, a lot of online gambling operators have emerged. In addition, there are a lot of well-established active platforms in the US. Consequently, this high number of operators led to a very competitive market.

When a state legalizes online gambling, the operators immediately set up their platforms and try to get a bigger share of the prospects. Here are some of the best WA online casinos that you can expect to see in Washington soon.

PointsBet Washington online casino

Compared to many others, this operator entered the market relatively late. However, It managed to achieve great success quickly. The company started the online gambling business in Australia. When it began operating in the USA, it spread its influence quickly.

Currently, the provider operates in several states, such as Illinois, Colorado, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania. It also offers quite good bonuses and promotions to its users. Some of these are:

  • Refer a friend bonus of $125
  • Risk-free bets on your first day up to $300
  • Deposit match up in free bets up to $250
  • Risk-free bets up to $2000 for new clients

FanDuel online casino in Washington

FanDuel is a very famous online gambling platform in the US. The platform offers many gambling opportunities such as sports betting, daily fantasy sports, online casino, and online horse race. The company has been in operation for 13 years, and you can gamble with it in a lot of states.

FanDuel started the business with fantasy gaming. Although most people considered them rivals, they attempted a merge with DraftKings in 2016. However, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stopped this merging. The reason was that the combined companies would hold 90% of the fantasy sports market, which would have meant a monopoly.

In 2018, the operator grew even bigger by merging with an Irish bookmaker and starting sports betting. As one of the biggest providers, their bonuses are also considerable. Some of them are:

  • Bet $5 get $5up to $25 in casino games
  • Play risk-free live dealer games up to $20
  • Deposit and wager $100, get a $10 bonus
  • Refer a friend bonus of $100
  • Risk-free bets for the first day up to $1000

BetMGM casino in WA

Another big online casino operator that you can expect to see in Washington is BetMGM. The company originally started as a hospitality and entertainment company under the MGM Resorts International name. In 2018, it started operating in the online gambling industry with a UK gambling operator called Entain.

Additionally, the company struck a partnership deal with Yahoo sports in 2019 and started operating in the fantasy sports market as well. As a deep-rooted company, it offers quite alluring bonuses for its clients. Here are some examples:

  • 40% bonus on parlays
  • $10 sports free bet for betting $100 on casino games
  • Poker pick a card: win up to $1.000
  • NHL One game parlay insurance up to $25

Caesars Washington online casino

Caesars is a gambling provider that is very well known worldwide. The company is famous for its casinos and its other services such as accommodation or food.

Moreover, like many others, Caesars is also a company that has been around for a long time. It started operating almost 40 years ago under a different name. Back then, it was known as Eldorado Resorts Inc. However, in 2020, the company changed its name by acquiring the Caesars Entertainment Corporation.

It has also acquired a betting company called William Hill and renamed all of its operations to Caesars. Here are some of the bonuses you can expect to see once it becomes operational in Washington.

  • $10 bonus for any deposit
  • Get 100% of your losses up to $40
  • No deposit $5 casino bonus
  • 100% bonus match up to $500
  • Mystery Mondays offer

Unibet online casino in Washington

Unibet is a great operator for people who want to experience online gambling. It was founded almost 25 years ago. This company is also quite famous for its services worldwide. In fact, it operates around 100 countries worldwide and has almost 11 million active users.

The operator is a part of the Kindred Group. The operator offers a staggering amount of 2000 games on its platform. Moreover, Unibet is also known as a highly awarded platform. Between 2019 and 2020, it received 13 different awards from various international organizations. One of this operator’s advantages is its unique live-streaming and in-play gambling services. It also offers great Washington online casino bonuses to bettors, such as:

  • Refer a friend – more friends, more bonuses
  • Welcome bonus
  • Boosted Odds
  • Risk-free bets up to $250
  • Deposit bonus
  • Money back

Online Gambling USA is the new big happening so don’t miss out!

Other states with these amazing gambling brands:

Online or Land-Based casinos in Washington


Both options have their pros and cons. When everything is considered, whether one is better than the other is a matter of taste and perspective. Some gamblers prefer the environment of a real casino for various reasons.

And some others prefer Washington online casinos mostly for their convenience. So let’s take a look at what advantages Washington casino apps and sites can bring you.

Accessibility with Washington online casinos

One of the greatest advantages that WA online casinos hold is that you can access them almost everywhere. All you need is a good internet connection and either a computer or a mobile device.

With WA online casino sites and their apps, you can enjoy placing a wager from anywhere you want. You can play in the comfort of your home or while stuck in traffic to pass the time thanks to mobile WA casinos. However, gamblers should be aware of the state restrictions.

Where can i enjoy WA online casinos?

If you want to place a wager with Washington casino apps, you need to be in Washington. Due to the Geolocation technology, you can’t bet on the games if you are not in a state where gambling is allowed.

Game variety with Washington casino apps


As they do not need any big machines or tables, the game variety of Washington casino apps is far greater than a land-based one. To add a new game, all Washington casino apps need to do is to update their mobile app.

And that game is instantly available for all the users. In that regard, adding a new game is a much more tedious effort for a land-based casino. Besides, a land-based casino has limited when it comes to the number of people who can gamble.

Mobile WA casinos

Sometimes, they get so crowded that gamblers might have to wait for hours to get a turn at a slot machine. However, with an online casino, there is no crowd or waiting. You can play the games to your heart’s content whenever you want.

The mobile WA casinos, with their apps, offer gamblers the tranquility of their own home to use casino apps.

WA online casino bonuses


Another obvious advantage of online casinos in WA is bonuses. WA online casino bonus offers are great ways to attract gamblers. Both seasoned and novice gamblers always keep an eye out for them to benefit to the fullest.

However, the land-based casinos either offer no bonuses or the bonuses they offer pale in comparison. Due to the competitive nature of the online casino market, the operators do their best to offer better bonuses than their competitors.

Consequently, their bonuses keep getting bigger. Unfortunately, this kind of competitive environment doesn’t exist with land-based casinos.

Check out the Washington sports betting site for more great bonus offers.

Responsible gaming with online casinos in Washington

Any gambling enthusiast should be careful about gaming responsibly, no matter what. However, the convenience of online casinos in Washington is something quite alluring for all enthusiasts.

However, this convenience might also lead to some problems. If you think you are going overboard with gambling, you should seek help immediately. If this is the case, you can get in touch with the National Problem Gambling Helpline.

You can do this by phone or on their website. Moreover, some social groups can help you. You can reach out to Gamblers Anonymous or GAM-ANON as well.

Are there limits to online casinos in Washington?

Online platforms also have some in-built measures to help people gamble responsibly. For example, you can set certain limits with your gambling account. For example, you can limit the amount you can deposit or the maximum amount you can bet per game. You can also set this amount for certain time periods and control how much you spend on your account daily or weekly with online casinos in Washington.

FAQ Washington online casinos

What is the legal age for gambling in the US?

The legal age for gambling within the US is 21. People who are below this age can’t open a gambling account with any online gambling platform. 

Is it possible to gamble with Washington casino apps anywhere?

No. Online gambling is regulated at a state level. As a result, if you have a gambling account with online gambling sites in Washington, you need to be within the state borders to gamble. However, as long as you are in the state, you can access your preferred platform from anywhere with an internet connection via a computer or mobile device.

Can I try the Washington online casinos before?

You can do this with most of the Washington online casinos. However, your options would be limited. Many of the gambling platforms offer demo versions of the games they have. Gamblers can play these demo versions to gain experience and see if the games are to their liking or not.

Do I need to download software for Washington online casinos?

Usually, you don’t. Although most Washington online casinos are accessible by an internet browser, some of them also have downloadable software. However, for mobile devices, you need to download the app of your preferred provider. 

Which games can I play on Washington online casinos?

The range of the games that WA online casinos have are quite wide. Some operators have hundreds of gambling games. However, the most common games are slot games, bingo, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker, horse racing, sports betting, keno, craps, etc.