Top 10 states that has produced most Super Bowl coach winners (1)

Top 10 states that has produced most Super Bowl coach winners

It’s no secret that the states that produce the most successful professional football coaches are always in the spotlight. With so many aspiring coaches looking to get their chance at the big show, it’s no surprise that several states have produced some of the best talents in this field.

This article looks at the top 10 states that have produced the most Super Bowl-winning coaches. Over the years, these coaches have taken their teams to fantastic victory celebrations. Heads up for this list, US online gambling fans. Maybe it’s time for some futures-betting?

Top 10 states that produced must Super Bowl winners – updated 2022 Q3

  1. California
  2. Tennessee
  3. Nebraska
  4. Michigan
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. Ohio
  7. Alabama
  8. Florida
  9. Texas
  10. Washington

10. Washington

With eight Super Bowl victories to its name, the state of Washington has a severe coaching pedigree. The list of stars that have come from this state includes:

  • Mike Shanahan
  • Gary Kubiak

Both have won two rings apiece as head coaches in the NFL. Other notable names include:

  • Don James
  • Ken Whisenhunt

Who achieved success in Atlanta and Tennessee, respectively. Hopefully, one day these coaches can take their talents to victory on American soil!

9. Texas

Coach Mack Brown is another coach with experience winning multiple NFL rings. With nine championships to his name, he is one of only two coaches (the other being Bill Belichick) with more than seven championship titles in any sport.

Other notable names from Texas include:

  • Barry Switzer
  • Darrell Royal

They both won Super Bowls as players for the Dallas Cowboys and Rick Neuheisel, who led the Washington Huskies to a title back when they were still playing football at university!

8. Florida

The state of Florida has always been home to some world-renowned coaches, with Bear Bryant and Urban Meyer both coming from the Sunshine State. This year’s Super Bowl winner was Daren White, who guided the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to victory over the Carolina Panthers. Other notable names include:

  • Bobby Bowden (three titles)
  • Don Shula (two)
  • Joe Gibbs (one)

It seems that no matter what team you support, there is a Florida-based coach who can teach them how to win big!

7. Alabama

Alabamian head coaches have claimed victory in four Super Bowls, with Bill Belichick (New England) leading the way twice. Other notable coaches from Alabama include:

  • Nick Saban (Bama)
  • Gene Stallings (Alabama)
  • Mike Shula (Miami Dolphins)

6. Ohio

The Buckeyes have a long history of producing successful football players such as:

  • Most famously, Archie Griffin
  • Woody Hayes
  • Bo Schembechler
  • Brian Kelly

Head coach Urban Meyer has led his team to back-to-back national championships and is currently running for a third title this year.

Other notable coaches from Ohio include:

  • Joe Paterno
  • Jim Tressel

They both won national championships at their respective universities. This state has produced some of America’s best football coaches! Learn more about Ohio sports betting launch in January 2023.

5. Pennsylvania

The Keystone State may not be particularly well known for its coaching talent, but it has produced its fair share of winners over the years. Names such as:

  • Chuck Noll (four Super Bowl titles with Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Dick Vermeil (three NFL Coach of the Year Awards)
  • Buddy Ryan

All hail from PA. More recently, Landry Jones led the University of Alabama to victory in last year’s National Championship game. Pennsylvania may not be a well-known coaching hotbed, but it has produced great talent!

4. Michigan

The state may not have had as many individual championships (or Super Bowl victories), but Michigan is home to some of the best coaching talents in the country!

  • Earle Bruce
  • Bo Schembechler
  • Lloyd Carr

All won national titles while coaching at Michigan – making them true giants of the sport. What makes this area so unique? Firstly, the players and coaches have a lot of passion here. Secondly, Michigan’s coaching culture is incredibly supportive.

This means everyone is willing to help one another achieve success, no matter what. Finally, Michigan has a vast alumni base – which can provide valuable support in times of need!

3. Nebraska

This state has produced some of the most successful football coaches in history – including:

  • Tom Crean
  • Bob Davie
  • Bo Pelini
  • Mike Riley

All four of these men have won at least one Super Bowl – making them true giants of the sport. What makes this area so unique? Firstly, Nebraska boasts a vast amount of talent – both in terms of players and coaches. Secondly, the coaching culture in Nebraska is incredibly supportive.

2. Tennessee

The state of Tennessee has produced the most Super Bowl coaches in the history of the game. This includes both head coaches and coordinators. Some of these Titan coaches include:

  • John Madden (four times)
  • Phil Fulmer (three times)
  • Steve Spurrier (two times)
  • Jimmy Johnson (two times)
  • Barry Switzer (one time)

It’s clear that Tennessee is a hotbed for coaching talent, and this trend seems to continue into the future.

1. California

This state is home to several world-renowned coaches, including:

  • John Wooden (seven NCAA Championships at UCLA)
  • Jerry Brown (four times named Governor of California)
  • Jim Mora (three national championships with UCLA)

The Golden State also produces some incredible athletes, such as:

  • Chris Mullin (two NBA championship rings with Golden State Warriors)
  • Kobe Bryant (20 All-Star appearances, five scoring titles, and two MVP awards)
  • Michael Jordan (six-time champion with Chicago Bulls)

As you can see, California has a lot to offer coaching fans – and there’s no doubt that the state will continue to produce world-class coaches in the years to come! Learn more about the current state och California sports betting here.

History of Super Bowl

The National Football League’s (NFL) championship game is called the Super Bowl and is played yearly (NFL). In 1966, it took the place of the NFL Championship Game as the pivotal event of each NFL season.

From then on, the game will be held on the second Sunday of every February. Starting from 1967 through 1978, the Super Bowl was held on the first or second Sunday of January. Furthermore, from 1979 to 2003, the Super Bowl was held in late January.

A championship game featuring the best teams from the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL) was established as part of their 1966 merger agreement. Realistically, before Super Bowl III in 1969, the game was known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game.

Before the NFL and AFL merged in 1970, the first four Super Bowls were contested between 1967 and 1970, with each league winning twice. As a result of the 1970 merger, the National Football League split into two conferences: the National Football Conference (NFC) was made up of the remaining 13 clubs, and the American Football League (AFL) was made up of the ten surviving AFL (NFC).

Since Super Bowl V in 1971, the winners of the two conferences have contested the championship game.