New Hampshire sports betting

There are currently two New Hampshire sports betting sportsbooks active in the state. Authorities give as many as five licenses to sportsbooks wishing to operate retail sportsbooks in the state. DraftKings is acquiring both of the two licenses thus far.

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How NH sports betting became legal


They put the NH betting business on hold due to the effects of the pandemic during the first part of 2020.

Residents of NH gained access to DraftKings sportsbook In December 2020. Before 2024, the state of New Hampshire expects to make $12.5 million a year from legal sports betting on the internet and in stores.

This overview will find all the information you need on online sports betting in NH.

Sports betting regulations in New Hampshire

People who want to bet on New Hampshire sportsbooks do not have access to sports betting licenses yet. However, the state’s proposed sports betting market will have a lot more places where you can bet online.

There are only ten physical sportsbook licenses in the state, while skins for third-party platforms allow five. So, we expect the same number of sportsbooks to be available in New Hampshire.

Soon, you will be able to place legal bets in New Hampshire as they will be the first to allow retail sportsbooks. This is a popular sports betting alternative.

People in New Hampshire who want to bet online will want to go to sites that the state has approved. You will find the majority of licensed sportsbooks online. Before you place a bet, you should read expert reviews to learn more about the game.

Best NH sportsbooks


Up to 10 retail outlets and five online/mobile sports betting companies can be granted licenses under the new rules.

DraftKings became the first sports betting company to offer mobile and retail sports betting at the end of October. However, when it comes to online sports betting, DraftKings is likely to be the only company in the state that can offer it.

Instead of paying a specific tax, operators in New Hampshire bid for their approval by pledging a percentage of their profits to the state.

The figures will be different if you’re talking about mobile sports betting or brick-and-mortar bookmaking. When it comes to taxes, the operators are competing with one another. Game theory suggests that this is an excellent way to maximize revenue. However, a bid that offers too much money to the state may limit funding for marketing campaigns.

Caesars sportsbook

All of your favorite sports are available for betting at our online sportsbooks NH. In addition, you can place bets on your favorite athletic events at recognized and safe internet sportsbooks.

It is super exciting that you can bet on sports from wherever you want with these sites’ live and Caesars Sports betting apps.

Experience countless benefits at Caesars sportsbook

  • It is possible to place a wager on the spread, totals, and moneyline at Caesar Sportsbook.
  • Even the odds on player props and game prop bets for basketball, football and other sports are better now.
  • Another benefit of betting on the futures markets is that they offer a wide choice of sports for users to choose from.
  • More popular sports are at the top of the page, such as basketball and baseball.
  • Clients will easily move between them and experience their best bets on every market for each match or event. 

Caesars’ sportsbook odds.

  • They offer decimal, fractional, and American odds formats. This allows you to check your odds in the format that most closely matches your needs.
  • Remember that Caesars Sportsbook and BetMGM odds complement one another, rather than compete with each other.
  • Soccer and horse racing, for example, have some of the best odds in the world. Baseball and football have some of the best odds for value.
  • New and returning customers to Caesars Sportsbook can take advantage of special promotions, such as higher odds on golf and basketball bets.
  • Most sportsbooks can’t compete with Caesars Sportsbook’s excellent odds, and only a few can even come close.

Gambling in real time at Caesars Sportsbook

Overall, Caesars Sportsbook has a solid in-play area. However, one of the most remarkable advantages is the number of live betting markets available for selected events. As a bonus, cashing out is a breeze.

Games you can play

  • There are hundreds of live betting possibilities available on almost every game in basketball, football, hockey, and tennis, just to name a few of the sports they cover extensively.
  • They have a great in-play section on top of the sports markets on the left wing on the Caesars website, which is crucial for in-play betting. The markets themselves are quite straightforward to browse.
  • There are a number of ways you can do this, including providing a live representation of the game and valuable stats and running commentary on the match itself.
  • For games like table tennis, however, they should allow players to place in-play parlay bets or provide more betting markets.
  • Even though they offer a decent live-streaming service, you must have bet in the last 24 hours to access any of their feeds.
  • Horse racing, basketball, and soccer are just a few of the major sports that can be seen live in high definition on a computer or a mobile device.
  • Livestreaming offerings will have to grow beyond a few sports and events in order to compete with bookmakers like bet365.
  • If you’re looking for online sports betting service, their feeds may be a few seconds off, but they’re still a fantastic option.

Promotional offers for new customers

Caesars Casino is the best in the business when it comes to gambling. As a result, they’ve become a household name in the world of sports wagering. Check out Caesars’ mobile app for their online sportsbook.

Caesars Sportsbook offers a $10 free wager to new users who sign up and use the Caesars Sportsbook NH promo code during the registration process. Unless you live in one of Caesars’ legal states, this free bet offer and any other Caesars bonus offer cannot be used. Every single one of these players will receive a bonus of $10.

Keeping your earnings after paying back the rest of your free bets is possible. A great way to see if you enjoy betting on sports at Caesar’s is to try this method.

First-time bettors are eligible for a 100% match up to $300.If you’re new to the casino, this is a good way to get the most out of your money. If a player wins a match bonus, it will be deducted from their earnings before they can cash out.

After joining up, Caesar’s two bonus offers give gamblers something to look forward to. But, unfortunately, while the bonus money can be a nice perk if you win, collecting it thereafter reduces its worth.

Mobile Betting at Caesars

If you use the Caesars Sports mobile app, you can get up to $1500 in free bets matched by the company. In order to obtain a 100% bonus on your initial deposit, Caesars requires a $50 deposit. In addition, bonus money can be won with the Caesars Sportsbook sign-up bonus of up to $1,500.

Caesar’s bonuses and promotions for mobile players

  1. By using Caesars Rewards for mobile, customers may link their loyalty rewards accounts with their Caesars Sportsbook accounts. Your wagers will earn you points, which you can redeem for prizes.
  2. These points can be accumulated on the Caesars Sportsbook and Casino apps.
  3. The Caesars Rewards program gives you access to a variety of perks, including online rewards, promotions, and savings at Caesars casinos.

Caesars Sports app

  • Apps for Sportsbooks
  • The Caesars Sports app may be downloaded in just a few simple steps. Three minutes should be plenty of time.
  • Because the provider uses geo-targeting, you can only make bets through the app if you’re in a state that permits it. Don’t forget to allow location.
  • The “Visit Caesar” button is all that is needed to access Caesars’ sports website.

Using your credit card at a Caesars Sportsbook

Online gamblers who want to play at Caesar’s Palace sportsbook can deposit and withdraw money in a variety of ways. New players can use electronic checks (eChecks), credit or debit cards, eWallets, or direct bank transfers to make their first deposit.

Payment options at Caesars:

There are a plethora of options available to players who want to take their earnings home with them. You can either use an eCheck, an eWallet service, an online bank transfer or come to Caesar’s Casino in person to get your money back. It may take a few days for your money to arrive if you use an eCheck or bank transfer.

When you bet on sports at Caesar’s Sportsbook online, you can deposit as little as $10.00 and withdraw as much as you like. The ease with which money can be deposited and withdrawn from your bank account is astounding.

New Hampshire online casino usually has the same payment methods as the sports betting.

Fanduel sportsbook

Legal online sports betting in New Hampshire at its finest

FanDuel has a lot of market share all over the world. There are a number of places where you can bet on sports, in many states where FanDuel has a big lead in the market.

FanDuel’s early success as a pure daily fantasy service is still important if you want to bet on sports.

FanDuel’s mobile and web apps make it possible to bet on sports, casino games, and horse races through FanDuel’s mobile and web apps. What’s more, it’s particularly useful when engaging in New Hampshire sports betting.

Fanduel bonuses and promotions

When you sign up for the FanDuel Sportsbook, you get a $1,000 risk-free bet. The welcome bonus doubles in places where FanDuel also has online casino gambling. During the first 24 hours of play, new casino players can get a $2,000 sign-up bonus.

New bettors, including sportsbook enthusiasts, can play for free on FanDuel. For losing bets of $500, you can win $500 in site credits. Bettor credits from the site come in second to cash because bettors only need to use them once.

To put it another way, wins made with site credits will return both the original stake and any winnings. This is a huge help! Because free bets don’t pay back stakes, most other sportsbooks don’t refund bets like they do at most other places.

NH Events and Markets

You can wager on the same sports and games you can be in other states because DraftKings is the exclusive supplier in New Hampshire. As a result, betting on every sporting event is possible, with various possibilities to choose from.

You can bet on NCAA events, but you can’t bet on schools from New Hampshire. DraftKings offers bets on the NFL, NHL, NBA, and more leagues and sports. Tennis, golf, and soccer are some of the most popular team sports as well.

This brings us to Draftkings, one of New Hampshire players’ most renowned sports betting platforms.

Online sports betting with DraftKings in Hampshire

The future of sports betting in NH

Since its inception nearly two years ago, sports betting in New Hampshire has been a huge success. Online gambling hosting companies are happy to keep working with DraftKings and Filotimo Casino & Restaurant to give their users more sports betting options. Still, they don’t want them to stop.

Adding the DraftKings Sportsbook in Dover would further strengthen New Hampshire’s position as the Northeast’s premier sports betting venue. For everyone who is involved, this site will keep having a big impact and making money.

There are a variety of ways to participate in NH sports betting. When it comes down to it, sports betting is nothing more than putting your money on the line in the hopes that your prediction will come true. A moneyline bet predicts the outcome of a game with a high degree of certainty. A spread bet is one in which you wager on whether a team will win or lose by a specific number of points. A parlay is a type of bet that combines many outcomes into a single wager.

The most frequent bets are moneylines, parlays, and spreads. Prop bets let you wager on more precise outcomes, such as how many scores a certain player will achieve. There’s something for everyone in the huge realm of sports betting.

Sports betting appeals to a wide range of people, from novices to seasoned pros. This is a simple way to spice up your viewing experience by giving you something extra to root for. Regardless of the outcome, this is a worthwhile endeavor.

Mouthwatering bonuses by DraftKings

DraftKings is the leader in sports betting in the United States. As the only New Hampshire betting site, it’s a given that they’re a major player in New Hampshire. This sportsbook is the best in the business because of its sports betting service quality and, most importantly, its enticing welcome bonus.

A $50 free bet with the first deposit and a deposit bonus of up to $1000 are added bonuses for new customers at this New Hampshire sportsbook.

Football betting basics

As a beginner or an experienced football bettor, here are some betting essentials that should help you win money betting on NFL and college football games with sports betting

Using Draftkings to gamble

A Quick Start on how to make gambling decisions

Click on the event and outcome you’d like to wager on and select it from the drop-down menu. Remember that the green numbers that appear next to each outcome are the chances, which determine the possible payouts. At any given time, you can add up to 12 picks to your bet slip.

It’s easy to see your bet slip by swiping down to view it on the app or looking to your right on the web. In addition, you may see all the picks you’ve made that are awaiting placement in this section.

You can choose between singles, parlays, and round robins in the bet slip at any point. If you wager a certain amount, the potential payment will be displayed.

As soon as you’re satisfied with your wager amount and selections, click the “PLACE BET” button. All of your wagers will be recorded on a receipt. ‘My Bets’ is where you can see all of your receipts and track the results of your bets.

Being aware of the odds

You should know how the odds operate if you are new to betting. Here are the basics of betting odds to help you get started.

Odds are a measure of how likely something is to happen.

The amount of money you stand to gain is also disclosed. To open your bet slip, you can tap on any odd (e.g., +130) in sportsbooks. This will help you figure out how much money you could potentially earn.

There are three types of betting odds:

American, Decimal, Fractional.

In the United States, it is customary to use American odds. Therefore, Sportsbooks uses this as the default setting. However, the odds selector allows you to alter your odds type at any moment.

This means that moneylines are calculated using a $100 standard wagering unit when betting on American Odds games.

Learn more about sports betting in other states in the US:

Betting Types



Football point spreads are a common wagering method. You can see how each side has been given an advantage (or disadvantage) by looking at the line for each of them.

To cover a point spread, you must correctly forecast the final score of a game after the point spread has been applied.

Betting on the moneyline, all you have to do is predict the outcome of the game. There are odds attached to each team’s likelihood of winning. The lower the odds and payout, the bigger the favorite. Underdogs have better odds and a higher payoff if they manage to win.


Often referred to as “O/U” or “Totals.” How many total points are expected to be scored in a given game will be considered by oddsmakers. Bet on whether the final score will be above or below that figure. To win the over, you’ll need at least 48 points and a maximum of 47 points to win the under if the Over/Under is, say, 47.5 points.


This is a wager on the occurrence of a number of different things. First, all outcomes in the parlay must be correctly selected to win. In order to win a $100 parlay bet on both teams you are rooting for to win, you’ll need both to win. Parlays are a riskier but more rewarding form of football betting because you have to be correct on every bet in the total wager. It’s not just money lines and spreads that may be parlayed at DraftKings Sportsbook; you can combine all kinds of outcomes across events.

With Futures Bets available, betting on future events like who will win the league championship and more is possible. In countries like America. Do you think the Eagles will prevail in the Super Bowl? The Lombardi Trophy would be worth $800 for a $100 bet on them at +800. It is common for futures to be sold well in advance of a season, and they are always being updated as the season goes on.

Property Bets

These would include game outcomes, individual performances, team performances, and more. In addition, you can place prop bets on just about any aspect of the game.

Betting on a game while it is happening. As the game progresses, the odds will change in response to the actual results. It’s all New York now after a dominant first quarter. Invest in them and receive the benefits.

Become familiar with sports betting terminology


There is a lot to learn when you’re just starting out in sports betting, which can be both exciting and stressful. So become an expert in sports betting and its terminology. You’ll be happy you did.

The more popular a sport, the greater the danger.

College football has the highest return on investment for bettors across the board, while baseball has the lowest.

There are fewer games in football, making it the riskiest sport. In comparison to other sports, there is less room for error.

Do not pay for sports betting tips

You risk being deceived, as they can easily sell you already public information.

Networking with people who are knowledgeable about sports betting is a better option than going it alone.

Winning an excessive amount of money could cost you

If you put many wagers and consistently win, this might be an issue for sportsbooks.

A 50% success rate is ideal for them since they can collect their vigorish fee (the amount they are charged to take a wager) at that rate.

Betting on sports in NH is not a sprint but a marathon

Sports betting rules are subject to change, and you must adapt and grow along with them.

The amount of work you put into sports betting will determine your success. It will not always be simple. You might win, but you’re going to lose. However, if you’re prepared, your losses will be slightly less painful.

What is a bookie?


Those who work in the sports betting industry are known as bookies or bookmakers. They figure out the odds of the event on their own or with the help of an organization before the terms of the bet are agreed upon.

The Nets are likely favorites for wagering on the Brooklyn Nets and Sacramento Kings matchup. The bookmaker may offer odds of +12.0, indicating a margin of victory of that many points in Brooklyn’s favor.

As a result, the bookmaker is required to pay out the preset odds if this occurs. For instance, the winner may earn $1.50 for each dollar spent.

Bookmakers must pay $150 to the winner of a $100 bet if they win.

Getting Started with Live betting in NH


Place your bets on sports as they happen in real-time! Hundreds of games are available for live wagering each week.

Odds will constantly change during live betting because of the events taking place in real time.

You may notice a short delay between the time you submit your bet and the time it is confirmed. This is because before placing a wager, it is necessary to take into account any possible outcomes or circumstances. A live bet will settle as soon as a result has been determined.

Learn the lingo of sports betting

Have you ever placed a bet on a sporting event before? For inexperienced bettors, the seemingly endless list of terminology and terms can be one of the largest obstacles. So let us walk you through the fundamentals of each sport, so you can get in on the action and possibly win some money!

It is possible to have a completely varied experience with sports betting depending on which sport you choose to bet on. Our sport-by-sport analysis will help you prepare for any sport you want to play even though the variety of regulations and requirements can be confusing at first.

FAQs New Hampshire sports betting

How will I bet on Draftkings games in NH?

Add the event and outcome you want to bet on to your bet slip by clicking the “Add” button. The odds, which are shown in green next to each possible outcome, determine the potential payoff. At any given time, you can add up to 12 picks to your bet slip.

What is the meaning of a 3.5-point spread in New Hampshire?

An Explanation of Spread Betting
For an underdog to cover the point spread, they must either win the game or lose by a lower amount. As an example, if I placed a wager on the Philadelphia Eagles with 3.5 points and they lose by three points, I will win my bet.

Is it legal to gamble on sports in New Hampshire?

Legalizing sports betting is a relatively new phenomenon in the United States, and New Hampshire is no exception.
Betting on professional sports is now permitted for anybody over the age of 18 in the state, as long as they are using regulated sportsbooks in specific locations and also sportsbooks online.

Sports betting is permissible in New Hampshire under state law, but only within the state’s borders. Therefore, if you leave the state at any stage, operators may not accept your wagers. Any wagers placed prior to departure will remain active, and any winnings will be paid.
Still, geo-location technology will restrict you from gambling on sports outside of the New Hampshire area.

How do I claim my earnings from NH sportsbooks?

Depending on which media you used to place your wager, the method of cashing out will differ. For example, the only way to cash out your winnings if you placed the wager in a reallocation is to go down to the place with your ticket in hand.
For those who bet online via the app or website, you may easily withdraw your winnings by providing bank account information or your preferred withdrawal mode.
You must have already authenticated your account if you’re going to use this approach. This way you will ensure only you have access to the funds in your bet account.

What happens when they cancel a game?

Cancellation odds are deducted from your parlay ticket, which lowers your overall winning potential when a game is canceled. There are still several further games you can play before declaring victory or defeat. You will get your investment back if it so happens that they cancel a single game. Regardless of how you look at it, you remain a winner.